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Delivering on the European Green Deal: NET2GRID's contribution

This year’s stormy summer gave us all a glimpse of how extreme weather events will influence our present and future life on the planet. The need to change is urgent; change the way we operate our businesses, our day-to-day habits, and the way we consume. The goal of energy efficiency is embodied in NET2GRID’s existence since its establishment. As committed professionals, we understand that acts of today are the consequences of tomorrow for our planet and future generations. Governments, businesses and individuals can all play their part in that. As a European company, we start by delivering the European Green Deal’s goals.

1. We are empowering European utilities and their customers' towards the goal of delivering a 55% reduction of emissions by 2050

  • We leverage the power of the Internet of Things to help everyday users monitor and quantify their daily activities. We offer energy insights based on the revolutionary technology of smart meter data, which essentially is a way for energy retailers, generators and transmission companies and their customers to control how much energy they use, and therefore, minimize it or use it more efficiently to save resources.

  • We empower customers to reduce their CO2 footprint, by giving information and educating them on their home energy, appliances consumption and energy-intensive habits. We, also, help by providing recommendations and tips on how to save and stop the waste of energy.

  • We strive for an inclusive and lasting impact on all parts of society. By reducing the waste of energy, we help low-income households and families to spend less on energy bills and save more.

  • Small changes can impact the world. That’s why we are investing time and sources to help residential consumers to go for small, meaningful, individual actions that collectively can change the world.

2. We are collaborating with the best, those who are truly committed

  • We collaborate with major energy corporate players that have realized, pledged and leading by example towards a zero-emissions future, like E.ON Germany, but also, with smaller, innovative ones like Pure Energie, the greenest energy provider in the Netherlands and NeN Energia, a new, ambitious 100% green energy provider in Italy.

  • This way we help them to unlock more value and new services for their customers, leading them to offer their clients options for a greener and more energy-efficient lifestyle.

3. We are prompting our clients to be efficient, just like we are

  • We are collaborating with Amazon Web Services, using the AWS Cloud services to contribute to energy efficiency. The AWS cloud, powered by green energy, is far more efficient than traditional on-premises computing. We are using AWS clouding to collect and conduct our energy analysis based on data that are coming from smart meters and residential energy use.

  • We implement all of our client’s operations on the AWS Cloud, thus, we are encouraging new and existing clients to follow this practice to be efficient, as well.

  • You are strategic partners with SAP and you can find our solution on the SAP digital Store. For every buy you make there, a tree will be planned by SAP, one of the leaders in providing sustainable solutions to companies willing to manage their environmental impact across their value chain. SAP has set the goal of being climate neutral by 2025 and committing to 1.5°C science-based emissions reduction targets aligned with a net-zero future.

4. We support the transition to electric vehicles and photovoltaics

  • We deliver residential energy insights to energy retailers, detecting & targeting their EV owners, incentivizing them to monitor their energy consumption and optimize it. We are capable of detecting photovoltaic activity and offer opportunities that facilitate better use and more services for electric vehicles and photovoltaics owners, like enabling EV charging at moments when the sun shines, or when the tariffs are low.

  • We are also building synergies with EV charger makers, contributing to their operations’ optimization and, thereby, adding extra value to their products. This way, we contribute to the targets aiming at increasing alternative fuels infrastructure.

5. We are creating more (and more) clean tech jobs and sustainable growth

  • Our employees work for innovative technological solutions, trying to make the world a better and more efficient place. We are electrical and mechanical engineers, data scientists, salespeople and our team is growing day by day, innovating, and striving for more green growth.

  • We empower innovation and we try to facilitate the transition to a sustainable world by offering cutting-edge solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and advanced technology.

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