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NET2GRID is one of Top 10 Innovators of 2023 in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) according to Darcy Partners.

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DER Grid Planning

Make informed decisions about planning, operations, and investments in the grid

Gain visibility into residential Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

What you can achieve

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Enhance low-voltage grid visibility

Gain insights into behind-the-meter DERs' (solar PV, HVAC, EV) load and growth. Create a more accurate digital twin of your grid.

Tangible benefits for your business and customers

Up to 10%

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savings on average on fixed grid fees for the end-customer

3x more

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savings with planned outages vs. unplanned

Up to 47%


cost reduction in grid operations and maintenance costs

What’s in it for your organization

Get high-quality insights into residential solar PV installations, HVAC, and EVs. Discover adoption trends, the impact on local grid load forecasts and daily/hourly fluctuations. 

Electric Vehicle

Installed charger type

- L1 charger

- L2 single-phase charger

- L2 multi-phase charger

Charging events

- Start/stop timestamp

- Energy consumption per event

Interested to learn more?

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Solar PV

Installed capacity (kWp)

Daily solar production estimation per hour

Identification of candidates who could benefit from a solar PV installation

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Heat pumps and ACs (HVAC)

Detection of household HVAC products (heat pump and air conditioning)


Battery Energy Storage System

Detection of home Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Candidate sizing for BESS based on solar production and demand

Why NET2GRID’s EnergyAI is unique

 Unlock non-wires alternatives through convergence of grid insights and customer engagement 

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Superior outcomes through best-in class intelligence and accuracy

Accurate disaggregation_4x.png

Impactful value realization
from all energy data granularities

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Proven results from over 10 years of experience and thought leadership


End-to-end digital transformation journeys for grid and customers


An award-winning solution

NET2GRID is one of Top 10 Innovators of 2023 in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) according to Darcy Partners.

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