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Smart Solar Insights without direct inverter data: the case of an energy retailer in Australia

The popularity of solar panels is on the rise, thanks to lower costs and government incentives. NET2GRID provides a solution that detects and estimates solar production while delivering solar power metrics. It identifies top candidates for installing solar PV panels, reducing costs, and creating new revenue streams. With NET2GRID, marketing campaigns are becoming more personalized, cost-effective, and efficient while enhancing customer experience and enabling different features. Delve into the white paper to discover how this solution met the requirements and expectations of an Australian energy retailer.

The content of the white paper consists of:

  • Rooftop solar power: the state of play

  • Challenges for the energy utilities in the PV landscape

  • NET2GRID's Smart Solar Insights

  • A business case with an Australian energy retailer

  • Business benefits & use cases

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