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Personalized Customer Experience

Design richer & more meaningful touchpoints with customers

Provide your customers with daily, actionable energy insights and help them create a more energy-efficient home.

Increase engagement and reduce churn

Offer information on cost and energy savings to keep your customers happy. 

Personalised notifications and recommendations
Best-in-class peer
and self-comparison
Demand Response
Energy usage app
Energy insights app

Lower your cost to serve

Reduce support centre calls as all relevant information can be found on the app. Powered by NET2GRID's white-label app Ynni or your utility app.

budget monitor
Appliance disaggregation and efficiency 

Build strong relations with PV owners

Create opportunities for solar energy services offerings.

PV production disaggregation
No hardware
Solar self-consumption insights
Behavioural Demand Response initiatives
Solar performance
Solar insights app
API cog

Check out our Customer Engagement API

Save time and costs for back-end development. Develop or enrich your app with a step-by-step API guide.

Why NET2GRID's Personalized Customer Experience?

Global reach; technology compatible with most technical standards
around the world.

Proven technology resulting from 10 years of solid experience in the field.

Uniquely positioned to process smart meter data of all granularities.

One-stop shop for both software and hardware.

The most accurate energy disaggregation

in the market.

40% proven churn reduction

Proven results


NPS Score



Energy disaggregation accuracy

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NPS Score


"We compared different technologies and NET2GRID Non Intrusive Load Monitoring has got to a level of high accuracy, they were the best."

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Antonio Coutinho

CEO, EDP Innovation

Don't just take our word,
experience it yourself

Contact us to get a live demo and experience how your customers gain control of their energy usage

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White Papers

For more in depth information please read the articles below


We have all the safeguards in place to ensure security and privacy for you and your customers

GDPR compliant

You own your customer data

ISO certified

Our company is a
SAP Silver Partner
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