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Transform energy customer relationships  from transactional into collaborative

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It’s all in the name


NET2GRID EnergyAI™ is NET2GRID's AI-powered SaaS which analyzes residential energy data to deliver detailed household energy profiles and insights for personalized customer experience and valuable business intelligence.

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Household energy profiles

Picture this as a dynamic and living snapshot of the utility end-user energy consumption, habits, and lifestyle choices. Ranging from how energy is utilized in everyday living to details like the peak hours for energy consumption during the day or inefficient household appliances, such profiles give you a detailed picture of the end-user energy footprint. 

Actionable insights

Generated through data analytics and machine learning algorithms, energy insights provide valuable information, personalized recommendations and strategies for reducing energy waste, improving efficiency, and cutting energy costs.

Business intelligence

Adapting to the specific needs of different users, NET2GRID EnergyAI™ can feed directly your business intelligence tools or CRM systems with valuable insights from customer electricity and gas consumption data. 

What they say about our technology

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NET2GRID delivers a one-stop-shop solution; very competitive hardware as well as software. NET2GRID’s Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring has got to a very high level of accuracy. We compared several technologies and they were the best ones.

Antonio Coutinho 

CEO of EDP Innovation

Energy disaggregation, Machine Learning, AI

NET2GRID EnergyAI™ runs on the cloud or on the edge, utilizing AI and deep learning methods to train Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) models. NILM analytics disaggregates the total household consumption from a single meter into a breakdown per appliance or category. It analyzes consumption patterns and appliance signatures to identify usage and estimate energy consumption without the need for separate sensors.


How it works

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Input integrations

We are able to use input from direct data sources, including data coming directly from smart meters/next gen meters, MDM systems, manual meter readings, data hubs as well as NET2GRID or other types of hardware. Access our comprehensive documentation with guides and examples to assist you through the integration process.

Output integrations

Retrieve processed data and analytics through our APIs. Outputs are available file-based or as real- time events, with multiple endpoints catering to various analytics and reporting needs. Designed for easy integration, our APIs allow you to enrich your existing customers’ apps, business intelligence tools or energy management systems. 

We pre-integrate with

Why NET2GRID EnergyAI™

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End-to-end digital transformation

Streamlined solutions for utilities and customers, improving efficiency across all operations.

Would you like to understand how NET2GRID EnergyAI™ can transform your business?

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