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Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

27-29 February 2024

We are on the Top 10 DER Innovators as recognized by Darcy Partners!

Transform your business with EnergyAI

Leverage cutting-edge AI analytics to produce highly accurate and personalized energy insights

Reduce cost to serve

Boost customer satisfaction

Customer XP icon_4x.png

Increase conversion rates

Increase revenue dollar_4x.png

Optimize grid planning

optimal grid_4x-8.png

Improve customer retention

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It's all in the name

NET2GRID's SaaS engine, EnergyAI, delivers detailed household energy profiles, fueling the energy industry's digital transformation.

A proven repeatable model with impact


users reduced energy consumption significantly


yearly savings per household




Reduction in

service calls



Personalized Customer Experience

Design richer and more meaningful touchpoints with customers. Enhance your utility app, call center or customer portals with energy insights via NET2GRID's APIs.

Personalized Customer Exp 12-8.png
Personalized Digital Marketing 12-8.png

Personalized Marketing

Access richer customer profiles and insights to make marketing more efficient. Offer personalized contracts and upsell to new energy saving solutions and products.

Grid management

Gain increased visibility of EVs, PVs and BESS within your network to improve grid planning and reliability. Make informed decisions about grid investments.

Grid Management_4x-8.png
Banks and other_4x-8.png

EnergyAI for Banks

Leverage the power of EnergyAI to introduce sustainable propositions.

Why we are unique

World-class energy insights regardless of geographic location

Asset 47_4x.png

Cutting-edge EnergyAI continuously trained against real-life benchmarks

Accurate disaggregation_4x.png

Boosting digital transformation journeys

on all types of energy data

Asset 47_4x.png

Pay per active user and benefit from disaggregated data across operations


Proven technology
from over 10 years of experience


One-stop shop

for EnergyAI Software and Hardware



A central source of all interfaces to NET2GRID's Insight platform, products and services.

Trusted by

Jens Puknat 

E.ON Energie Deutschland, Germany

Customers love our Smart control app and the services we are offering create real added value. Smart Control app represents the spirit of the digital generation, providing the possibility to save money and to protect the environment at the same time.


Asset 6_2x.png
SET certification
ENGIE 2018 certification
Darcy Partners Award.png

Featured in


Net2grid participated in Heart Research Project (Hardware-enabled Energy Analytics in Real Time). In the context of this project, development of the HEART system, which exploits and develops state-of-the-art technologies that combine developments in the area of ”smart” devices with big data, and the Internet of Things, is proposed. The subject of interest is the in-depth understanding of energy consumption in residential environments and either limiting it for the benefit of the tenant or designing services on top of this information for the benefit of energy retailers. HEART’s ambition is to propose and implement solutions by moving from the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) to that of the Things of Importance (ToI).

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