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Insight Platform

Benefit from NET2GRID’s Insight Platform,
the innovative energy data analytics platform that helps you derive value from Smart Meter data.

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Discover the architecture of NET2GRID’s Insight Platform

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Smart Meter Data Input

Extract the most value from standard
and existing Smart Meter data.
Gain energy insights on 15-30-60 minute electricity and gas smart meter time series. 
NET2GRID imports the Smart Meter data batch loads through a data hub or MDM system, extracts the maximum value and enriches it with personal profile information.
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Real-Time Data Input

Upsell to your customers Real-Time power data, alerts and disaggregation at the appliance level.

Benefit from NET2GRID globally-compliant hardware.

NET2GRID's hardware sends power and energy data to the PROFILER platform. The granularity is dense enough to recognise and report individual appliance events and send notifications e.g when EV charging starts or a capacity threshold is reached.
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AI, ML, Data Analytics & Services

Experience cutting-edge energy insights & predictions' technology from the industry leaders, with up to 90% accuracy.

Acquire valuable energy insights based on advanced analytics and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. 

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Water heating

EV charging

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Customer Intelligence Reports

Leverage an easy-to-integrate and secure tool to build unique energy use cases.

Feed your business intelligence and CRM systems with valuable insights from customer electricity and gas data. 

Detailed household energy profiles 

Estimations and predictions

Detection of EVs, solar panels, heat pumps and batteries

Solar installation and battery storage capacity recommendations

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Customer Engagement API

Save time and costs for back-end development.

Empower your developers by using a well-designed API to enrich your apps and your customers’ digital journey.

Easy user onboarding

Historical consumption data

Energy costs overview

Energy disaggregation
& solar production insights

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Watch as Chief Technology Officer Peter Broekroelofs explains how NET2GRID’s Insight works

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