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  • Writer's pictureArgyrios Vartholomaios

Electric Vehicle charging events and charging level detection on Smart Meter data

The global push for decarbonisation is bringing an increasing number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) into the market. At the same time, the deployment of smart meters supports an increase in charging infrastructure, especially when it comes to home Charging Points (CPs). Smart Meter data now carries loads of information waiting to be utilised. By harnessing the power of energy data disaggregation, market players can benefit from serving valuable energy insights to their customers.

This white paper describes how NET2GRID succeeded in detecting EV charging while using Smart Meter data and machine learning algorithms, all the while providing beneficial insights for both the end-user and the operator.

The content of the white paper consists of:

  • EV market trends in the energy transition

  • Challenges for the energy utilities in the EV charging landscape

  • NET2GRID's EV detection solution

  • Business capabilities & enabled use cases

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