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Personalized Marketing

Enrich your customer profiles, identify Next Best Actions

Tap into richer customer profiles to improve customer segmentation, offer personalised services and generate new revenue streams

Improve customer intelligence

Access richer customer profiles and cluster user groups to offer personalised marketing.

Whole home profiles,
demographics, lifestyle, household routines
Appliance energy usage, appliance upsell propensity profiles

Customer segmentation 
Home engagement app
Identify Next Best Actions
Improve Customer Intelligence
Magnified Next Best Actions app

Identify Next
Best Actions

Make your support centre call agents smarter, educate your customers and upsell to new value services. 

Personalised 360° customer view
Personalised energy saving recommendations
Next Best Actions
based on relevant consumer information 

Build new
revenue streams

Broaden your product portfolio and become an energy services provider.

Next Best Actions app on phone
Build new Revenue Streams
Design Time of Use tariffs and new contract forms
Solar panel installations or appliance replacement offers
Renewable energy products (EV smart charging, smart
heat pumps)

How we do it

We provide you with rich 360° data to significantly enrich your customer intelligence.
Appliance information
Asset 51_4x.png
Home information
Resident information

Why NET2GRID's Personalized Marketing?

Access to rich customer profiles based on the most accurate disaggregation in the market

Proven technology resulting from 10 years of solid experience in the field

Global reach; algorithms resilient across continents and  customer profiles


"If you know how much the customer is consuming and what is their energy profile, you can help by offering the best photovoltaic solution for their homes."

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Antonio Coutinho

CEO, EDP Innovation

Don't just take our word,
experience it yourself

Contact us to get a test account, and experience how your customers gain control of their energy usage

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