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On the edge

Empower your utility business with AI
on the edge

Transform your utility operations by enhancing service cost efficiency, scalability, and compliance with energy data privacy regulations.

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What’s on the edge technology coupled with AI?

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Edge software technology, integrated with AI, embeds directly into smart meters and energy reader hardware, enabling local, real-time processing and analyzing of energy consumption data. 

Why should you go on the edge?

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Reduced costs 

Avoid up to 95% of costs associated with cloud hosting, analysis, and storing of high-resolution energy data from smart meters.

Benefit from EV detection on the edge with Itron and NET2GRID EnergyAI™

Gain real-time EV visibility into your low voltage networks with Distributed Intelligence.

Notify, educate, and build services for your EV customers in near-real time capitalizing on Itron Riva.

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More edge capabilities are on the way

We are working hard to enhance edge capabilities with Itron Riva, Landis & Gyr, and other AMI 2.0 and next-gen smart meters. Our goal is to provide even greater intelligence to utilities and their customers regarding home energy consumption.

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