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NET2GRID is one of the Best Workplaces for Women in Greece in 2023

NET2GRID has officially been listed as Best Workplaces™ for Women (50-250 employee category) in Greece for 2023. This is the first time this ranking has been announced in Greece. This distinction comes on top of the Great Place to Work certificate that the company received in June 2022.

The company owes this distinction exclusively to our female employees, who feel high levels of satisfaction and safety while working here. After 131 already-certified Great Place to Work companies were analyzed, NET2GRID made it to the list of Great Place to Work for Women, standing alongside other reputable companies such as Edenred, Danone, Bausch & Lomb Greece, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

NET2GRID’s employees took an anonymous and confidential survey, where special focus was given to gender equity issues, including:

  • Equal pay

  • Development and promotion capabilities

  • Ability to take leave when needed

  • Work-life balance

These issues are recognized as essential for every worker, but perhaps even more so for women who are often under considerable social pressure to perform as wives, mothers, or caregivers, too.

The companies were classified and ranked based on their results and size, and for a company to be eligible for the list, it must have more than 20 employees, at least 33% of whom are women, and at least 1 in 3 employees with a hierarchical status (supervisor/manager/director) must be a woman. Taking into account the above, 70 of the 131 certified companies were considered candidates for inclusion in the Best Workplaces™ for Women Hellas 2023 list.

How does NET2GRID stand out?

At NET2GRID, we support our female employees. In fact, 37% of our employees are females when the tech industry standard is 32%, and, almost 50% of management roles at NET2GRID are made up of women. We offer a flexible working environment that accommodates different lifestyles and schedules and we believe that when our employees feel valued and supported, it enhances the company's overall success.

We are proud of this achievement and are committed to maintaining a great workplace for all our employees, especially women. We believe that this recognition is a testament to our values, our culture, and the hard work of our employees. We look forward to continuing to provide a supportive work environment for years to come!

Read more about the company’s culture and values here.


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