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NET2GRID is a Great Place to Work in 2022

NET2GRID has been certified as a Great Place to Work and we couldn’t be more proud of this achievement!

At NET2GRID, we are serious about making life in the company pleasant, equal, and fun for all. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition, and this pressing matter cannot be done without the right people. We believe that our people and our open culture are our greatest assets in delivering our mission to the world. That’s why we are committed to delivering a meaningful, diverse, and fun employee experience for everyone in the company.

“One of the things that I am really proud of is the team of people we managed to put together and the culture we created. Most team members find purpose in their work. It’s the energy that you feel when you work together and strive for a common goal with like-minded people. It’s more than just picking the perfect candidate, but rather choosing comrades; like-minded people that will stay for the long run. “- Bert Lutje Berenbroek, NET2GRID CEO

What makes a workplace a ‘Great Place to Work’?

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Businesses that would like to be recognized as a Great Place to Work need to acquire the relevant certification. Through the certification process, the company’s employees share their feedback via the Great Place to Work survey. The process is 100% anonymous and independent so employees can be assured that their responses are confidential. After the evaluation process, NET2GRID acquired the certification of a 'Great Place to Work' in July 2022 both for its Dutch and Greek offices.

What do NET2GRIDers say about working in the company?

Justifying the company’s culture and values, NET2GRIDers agreed that:

  • They are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation, race or/and gender (100%)

  • When they joined the company they felt welcome (97%)

  • NET2GRID is a fun place to work (96%)

  • People care about each other in the company (92%)

  • They can count on people to cooperate (92%)

  • People are treated fairly regardless of their age (95%)

Read more about the company’s culture and values here.

Check what NET2GRIDers said in the past about life at NET2GRID:

"It was challenging to successfully balance work with life as a full-time mother. But in this endeavor, I had the unconditional support and understanding of all my team members and the management of NET2GRID." Nantia Svarna, Energy Analytics Engineer

"In my eyes, I feel like at NET2GRID we are a big family. This probably explains why I am happy to communicate with everyone and make sure that everyone is ok." Vasileios Alexiadis, Senior Cloud Engineer

"I was impressed by NET2GRID’s vision, philosophy, and the fact that it is a fast-growing, innovative tech company that helps customers save energy and money while protecting the environment." Peri Kakaretsa, Designer

Would you like to be part of our innovative and fast-growing tech company and devote your working hours to accelerating the energy transition? Check the available job opportunities here.


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