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NET2GRID selected into Top 100 Global Startup Energy Transition Award

NET2GRID convinced the SET100 jury to make it into this year's SET100 list, thus being recognized as one of the best international startups in the new energy sector for 2020. 570 start-ups from 90 countries applied to present their solutions for the Start Up Energy Transition Award.

The SET100 is an annual compilation of the 100 best start-ups of the Start Up Energy Transition Award. It contains the most innovative and promising start-ups that make the energy transition a fundamental component of their innovation. SET100 was first launched in 2017 with the aim of offering young companies a platform to showcase their forward-looking designs. The SET100 list offers a comprehensive collection of companies, represented both geographically and across all sectors of the clean energy field.

The SET100 list celebrates innovative start-ups that the international community of cross-sectoral experts have acknowledged to have the largest impact in energy and in the fight against climate change. This list serves as a key asset for allowing stakeholders, policy makers and investors to quickly and effectively connect and collaborate with innovators. Furthermore, the SET100 is uniquely focused on start-ups.

SET designed this process to offer a fair and holistic representation of energy transition related start-ups determined by international and cross-sectional experts within the energy community.

To view the complete SET100 list please click here.


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