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NeN Energia partners up with NET2GRID to empower Italian consumers through energy insights

  • NeN Energia and NET2GRID have come together to offer Il Robo, an innovative service that measures electricity consumption at home.

  • Il Robo is a small device that allows for energy consumption monitoring on appliance level. NeN Energia customers can see how they spend electricity at home, how to reduce consumption and how to avoid electricity cut-offs.

  • The product was launched on April the 15th in Italy and attracted hundreds of customers on the day of launch only.

Zeist, The Netherlands, 18 June 2021 - NeN Energia, the first Italian EnerTech company and NET2GRID are pleased to announce that they have partnered up to offer the innovative service Il Robo to Italian consumers. Il Robo is a small device that is installed in the fuse box and measures electricity consumption at home. In the NeN mobile application, customers see how much energy they consume per appliance and get personalized energy-saving tips

In an effort to acquire clients and help them reduce their energy footprint and costs, NeN Energia strategically invested in technology and customer experience, providing a truly innovative energy offering and distinguishing itself from the competition. Il Robo helps both NeN to acquire new customers and its customers to reduce their energy footprint and costs. NET2GRID helps businesses remain ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of IT and Artificial Intelligence to offer a highly accurate and data-driven residential insights solution.

As an example of this service, the app alerts customers if their peak consumption is exceeding the limit of the meter thus avoiding a power cut and a tedious trip to the basement to reset the meter.

In addition, insights into the peak power consumption in combination with the appliance disaggregation are also used to advise customers on spreading their consumption or changing their capacity tariff.

''After extensive market research, we decided to partner up with NET2GRID to offer Il Robo to Italian customers. We are confident that NET2GRID's top-notch NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology will contribute towards Il Robo's success,'' said Camille Vial, Head of Growth at NeN Energia

‘’NeN Energia has been the only Italian energy retailer to fully integrate within their app such an innovative offering with remarkable customer acquisition benefits since the early days of its launch. We are very happy to have been able to support NeN Energia in this journey. ’’ says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, NET2GRID’s CEO.


NET2GRID is an award-winning, AI-enabled company that empowers utilities and energy retailers to provide actionable insights to their customers based on analysis of their energy usage data. Through our service, we aim to enhance the gross margin of utilities, improve the customer engagement experience, and contribute towards accelerating the world’s energy transition to a sustainable future. We provide energy suppliers the tools which enable them to service their own customers better by using the energy usage data they already possess; historical, smart meter, or real-time data. At the core of our expertise lies cutting-edge AI machine learning services in energy insights & energy consumption prediction. Additionally, NET2GRID has internally developed low-cost hardware to unlock real-time meter data for global markets that are self-installable. Our service is used by energy suppliers worldwide and we help them to build a loyal customer base of satisfied customers, reduce their costs, and expand their business by generating upsell and cross-sell leads towards energy-saving solutions. We also help our clients include residential products like EV, PV, and heat pumps into an integrated Home Energy Overview with Virtual Power Plant capabilities. The company was founded in 2011 and holds offices in the Netherlands and Greece.

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Bert Lutje Berenbroek

Tel: +31 30 304 00 86

About NeN Energia

NeN Energia is the first EnerTech company in Italy and was founded in 2020, as a subsidiary of A2A, a leading energy company in Italy. The company started as an independent startup that internalized most of its processes such as technology, marketing and customer experience. As the first Italian Energy Technology company, it is working to change the perception, service and management of the domestic supply of gas and electricity in Italy.

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