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Provide your customers with daily actionable insights, help them create a better and more energy efficient home. Empower them to reduce their own CO2 footprint, now and in the future. 
Our modular end-to-end service will help you succeed.
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Engage Service


Build your digital customer engagement strategy on our SaaS energy insights springboard. 


A freemium and hardware-free service, powered by our AI algorithms, that runs on 15-30-60 minute AMI smart meter data. This is an extensive service for all your base customers and easily scalable.

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Daily disaggregation on activity level
Monthly budget monitor
Peer benchmarking
No in-home hardware required

InControl Service

Capture more detailed data


Take your digital customer engagement to the next level and become the trusted advisor for your customers with actionable energy insights based on real-time smart meter data. Detailed data generates smarter algorithms and thus delivers more value for you and your customers. Detect individual appliances, see exactly what power they use and analyse their efficiency with high precision. 

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Individual appliance bill disaggregation
Appliance efficiency monitoring
Personalized energy saving tips
Peer benchmarking on appliance level
EV  smart
Household appliance replacement recommender
Solar performance monitoring
Leads to energy services like solar or insulation
Behavioral demand

Value Add Services


Generate more business through innovative products and services


Give your customers control over their energy consumption & production, and become the provider of choice for home energy services linked to solar PV, battery storage, smart EV charging and heat pumps.

Generate more business value through our smart algorithms that optimise the home of tomorrow with targeted propositions for consumers and prosumers on a single platform.

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