• Mirka Karra

3 value offerings for aware customers in the Nordics

A strong sense of community and increased environmental awareness in the Nordic countries has led to a growing new wave of consumers who are more aware of their energy usage and who produce and consume their own energy coming from renewable energy resources. Utilities have been traditionally servicing consumers who are merely on the receiving end of the grid. So, how can utilities develop attractive offerings for the more aware customers and prosumers in their customer base? Here are some ideas:

Solar performance monitoring

It is a common misconception that long winter days in the Nordic countries can negatively impact the generation of enough amounts of energy. At the same time, the Nordic countries experience extensive hours of sunlight during the summer which make up for the loss of energy production during the winter darker days. Also, mild temperatures have greater results in the generation of solar energy because of less energy leakage, which is usually the case in southern countries. Still, as solar energy cannot be stored during the summer and used in the long dark winter days, prosumers can sell excess electricity from solar panels during the summer period and then buy some extra electricity from the regular electricity grid during the winter season. Also, consuming energy when energy is abundant, results in reducing monthly expenses and financially leveling out annual costs.