• Mirka Karra

COVID-19 and Utilities: The Happy Hour opportunity

COVID-19 affected much of the traditional utility business during last year. On one hand, commercial energy usage fell dramatically due to lockdowns in various places around the world. On the other hand, the increase in residential customer electricity demand was notable; NET2GRID measured that 70% of its residential user base increased their energy consumption during 2020 compared to 2019.

In light of COVID-19, innovative utilities grabbed the opportunity to offer their customers Energy Happy Hours to help them optimize consumption and lower costs while staying at home for extended periods of time. One such example is Pinergy, a leading Irish utility company. Pinergy offers its customers reduced tariff plans also tailored to the COVID-19 reality such as a 9-5 home office, evening family time, and a ‘Drive Time’ plan for EV owners motivating them to charge their cars at specific times during the day.

enviaM’s Happy Hour

EnviaM, an E.ON daughter company in Germany, uses its iONA app for a Happy Hour feature. NET2GRID platform successfully supports the Happy Hour time of use tariffs. EnviaM’s custo