• Mirka Karra

3 reasons why energy retailers should outsource vs. develop in-house energy disaggregation solutions

Energy companies around the globe are shifting their approaches towards developing new business models and adding new services to better serve their customers. This energy market moves towards ‘Energy As A Service’ solutions following the adoption of energy insights and energy disaggregation solutions. However, it’s challenging for energy companies to implement all types of innovation in the field by themselves, mainly due to the high investment costs involved, the in-depth expertise needed and the time required. Instead, outsourcing such services isn’t anything new and many big energy players like E.ON Germany and EDP are strategically opting to outsource their energy insights solutions. Below, we present 3 reasons why it’s best for energy companies to outsource their energy insights solutions as opposed to developing them in-house.

1. Decreased costs and faster go-to-market time

One of the reasons why energy retailers might go for an in-house energy insights solution is because they consider it as a way of having better control of their operations and services. However, building an energy insights solution inside the organization is not an easy game. Firstly, it translates into large upfront costs for staff, infrastructure, as well as, developing, owning, maintaining, hosting and innovating everything in-house. This means that they have to invest a considerable amount of resources to develop and maintain the service, taking away from resources that could have been focusing on how to best