• Dimitrios Doukas

EDP selects NET2GRID AMI-NILM service via Free Electrons 2020 for future deployment

Zeist - The Netherlands, October 14, 2020. During the Free Electrons 2020 startup program utility EDP from Portugal ran a Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring pilot with NET2GRID. EDP performed an elaborate international supplier selection process for AMR NILM services. EDP selected, among other solutions, NET2GRID technology, to provide - in the future - AMI NILM service to residential customers in Portugal. NET2GRID showed the most accurate and comprehensive disaggregation results of energy consumption on household activity level using standard 15-minute smart meter AMR data samples. By selecting the NET2GRID solution, energy consumption data from end users will be analysed by NET2GRID and the result will be a consumption breakdown on activity level.

Within the Free Electrons 2020 program normally only pilots are being executed between startups and utility companies, however NET2GRID was able to deliver the capability to move from pilot to future deployment with EDP. From the start of the program the close collaboration and coaching from EDP Innovation and other members of the Free Electrons program helped us deliver this fantastic result together as a team.