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Welcome to Energy Stories, a podcast powered by NET2GRID dedicated to thought provoking conversations with energy industry experts.


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Putting customers first: How utilities can build the ecosystem for a customer-centric approach

The seventh episode features Mark Brown, Chief Innovation Officer at Accelerated Innovations, a software development company offering MyMeter, a digital platform for utilities for better digital customer service. Mark shares his viewpoint around two key metrics for utilities in the US: customer satisfaction, and behavioural energy savings and how US utilities can boost them. He also elaborates on the use cases that utilities could unlock by adopting an energy insights and disaggregation integrated offering like the one from Accelerated Innovations and NET2GRID.


Our host is Emily Fisher, Account Executive at NET2GRID.

*The podcast episode was recorded on February 1st, 2023.


In this episode you will learn:

In this podcast you will learn

Why residential energy disaggregation solutions are crucial for driving customer satisfaction and behavioural efficiency savings

In this podcast you will learn

Use cases utilities can develop for their customers in Midwestern states 

In this podcast you will learn

How an energy insights & disaggregation offering can be the key differentiator for utilities amidst the sea of available solutions

In this podcast you will learn

How NET2GRID’s energy dissaggregation technology enhances MyMeter digital platform

''We are super excited to partner with NET2GRID to take advantage of all the algorithms and the ability to provide insights through the MyMeter platform!

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Mark Brown

Chief Innovation Officer at Accelerated Innovations

Our guest
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Mark Brown

Chief Innovation Officer at Accelerated Innovations

Mark Brown is the Chief Innovation Officer at Accelerated Innovations. Mark is a Harvard Business School alumni and holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering as well as a degree in Management Sciences and Economics from Northwestern University. Mark has more than 20 years of experience guiding technology and engineering teams in the utility, healthcare, and private equity industries.

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Episode 6

How US utilities can jump-start their journey towards real-time energy insights

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