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Welcome to Energy Stories, a podcast powered by NET2GRID dedicated to thought provoking conversations with energy industry experts.


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How US utilities can jump-start their journey towards real-time energy insights

The sixth episode features Stefan Zschiegner,

Vice President of Product Management at Itron, Inc. Stefan shares his knowledge about Itron's Distributed Intelligence ecosystem of applications. He elaborates on how NET2GRID's DI application can deliver value to US utilities and their consumers by unlocking opportunities for successful customer engagement and improved customers intelligence.


Our host is Elisavet Sergiadou,

Senior Business Development Manager


*The podcast episode was recorded on 23th March 2022.


In this podcast you will learn

In this podcast you will learn

What is Itron's Distributed Intelligence ecosystem

In this podcast you will learn

Which are the current and future key customer trends in US energy market

In this podcast you will learn

How NET2GRID’s Customer Engagement and Customer Intelligence app can help utilities create value for their customers

In this podcast you will learn

What kind of opportunities US utilities can unlock with real-time energy insights

''We are super excited to partner with NET2GRID as a solution provider for our DI platform. There is dramatic value to be added.''


Stefan Zschienger

Vice President of Product Management, Itron Inc.

Our guest
Stefan photo_4x.png
Stefan Zschiegner

Vice President of Product Management, Itron, Inc.

Stefan Zschiegner is the Vice President of Product Management at Itron.  He is responsible for both portfolio growth and profitability of Itron’s Outcomes Business Unit where he helps utilities and smart cities enhance their operations and navigate change. Stefan studied at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has an MA in Electrical Engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology.

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