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Understanding AlwaysON energy consumption and how NET2GRID makes this insightful

AlwaysON (AON) consumption corresponds to the energy consumed within a residence because of appliances that are continuously consuming energy or while they are switched OFF or set in StandBy mode.

Surprisingly, a lot of appliances, whatever status they want you to think they’re in, ultimately they’re ON, they add to the electric bill without any practical reason and cost the end consumers money.

There are other terms being used for that, such as phantom load, base load, leaking electricity or standby power but the term AlwaysON prevailed in most of the relevant studies and literature. Attempting a different interpretation, AON is actually the minimum amount of energy a house consumes at any time.

The white paper will take you through the following contents:

  • Definition of AlwaysON consumption

  • Contribution of AlwaysON to total energy consumption

  • AlwaysOn examples

  • AlwaysON Monitoring Over Time

  • Business Case for reducing AlwaysOn consumption

  • AlwaysOn Breakdown in smaller parts

  • How to save energy without making any sacrifices to my lifestyle?

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