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Experience NET2GRID’s real-time energy disaggregation at Itron’s DataHub Demo during DISTRIBUTECH

NET2GRID is excited to support Itron, Inc. with its DataHub demo at the Itron booth #2514 during DISTRIBUTECH 2023 in San Diego. The Itron DataHub is a Distributed Intelligence (DI) data cloud that allows smart meters connected to WiFi to stream real-time data into cloud applications and power unique and valuable energy services. This demo highlights how the strong partnership between NET2GRID and Itron can enable appliance-level disaggregation in real-time.

NET2GRID has integrated its customer engagement service with the Itron DataHub for real-time engagement. At the demo, you can see an end-to-end real-time data stream passing from a Gen 5 Riva distributed intelligence (DI) meter via WiFi HAN connection to the Itron DataHub and finally reflected in a B2C energy monitoring mobile application.

Discover the valuable use cases

There are a multitude of ways that utilities can use the Itron DataHub combined with NET2GRID’s energy load disaggregation to offer valuable services to their customers in real-time. For example:

1. Detect EV charging events

Provide consumers with insights by detecting electric vehicle charging events and charger type in real-time. As an example, you can nudge customers to shift charging to off-peak hours or upgrade their charging type with personalized energy ROI metrics.

2. PV monitoring and performance optimization

Demonstrate to solar PV customers in real-time the performance of their PV installation, including how much of their solar production is being fed back to the grid versus self-consumed. Send out alerts to customers to make use of this overproduction by charging appliances, or send out battery offers with personalized capacity recommendations.

Experience the benefits

This dynamic solution, via distributed energy resource detection and monitoring, allows utilities to develop a stronger, more cohesive business case for AMI data analytics and distributed intelligence. Benefits include:

1. Customer engagement

Help customers understand how their energy consumption compares with peers and offer them personalized, actionable recommendations to help them towards energy efficiency, keeping them satisfied and engaged, while making them your partner in accelerating the energy transition.

2. Customer intelligence

Build stronger personalized offers and campaigns by understanding your customers and grid with 360° customer intelligence regarding DERs behind the meter, consumption trends, and more.

3. Safety & security

NET2GRID disaggregation services are hosted on a private instance within your own AWS environment.

4. Smart DER Services.

Boost the efficiency of Distributed Energy Resources behind the meter to optimize energy costs. Smart DER services include optimal time of day for EV charging, as well as performance monitoring of PV production.

5. Straightforward deployment and maintenance

NET2GRID’s disaggregation, delivered through Itron’s next-generation metering platform, is a software only solution. Access to real-time data used to require additional hardware to be installed and commissioned, resulting in many complexities and underperforming projects. NET2GRID’s solution is scalable, maintainable, upgradable, and delivers continuous innovation and successful outcomes. And bespoke hardware is still available when needed to support different regulatory contexts.

Learn more about NET2GRID at DISTRIBUTECH 2023

Come by NET2GRID’s booth #6126 to speak with our knowledgeable colleagues about how you can unlock the value of Smart Meter (AMI) data in order to reduce operational costs, strengthen customer relationships, visualize and manage your grid, and generate new revenue streams. We look forward to welcoming you and jump-starting your journey toward distributed intelligence and a truly smart grid!

Unlock value from Smart Meter (AMI) data TODAY

Can’t wait for DISTRIBUTECH 2023 to enhance your customer engagement, reduce churn, and lower cost to serve? Build your own application on our extensive and well-documented APIs, or you can white label the NET2GRID Ynni app.


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