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NET2GRID Successfully Joins Itron’s Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Applications

Load Disaggregation Application Gives Utilities and Consumers Better Insight into Energy Usage

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Jan. 26, 2022 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced that NET2GRID’s customer engagement and customer intelligence solution is now part of Itron’s expanding ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence (DI) applications. NET2GRID offers leading-edge Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning services in energy insights based on disaggregation of energy consumption from smart meter data. The application will help customers understand where their energy is being consumed and give utilities greater insight into individual appliances and EV charging energy consumption.

The installation of NET2GRID’s customer engagement and customer intelligence application is the first step in NET2GRID’s development plans for Itron’s DI ecosystem. NET2GRID will provide accurate residential load disaggregation and demand predictions by analyzing Itron DI smart meter data in near real-time. The application will identify the energy consumption by the individual appliance used, offering greater visibility into how the customer is using energy and recommending ways to potentially save money by adjusting specific appliance usage. Appliances include HVAC, hot water heaters, refrigerators, pool pumps, solar panels, EV equipment and more.

“Living in a fast-paced technology advanced world, utilities must transform quickly to meet the needs of customers,” said Don Reeves, senior vice president, Outcomes at Itron. “Working together with NET2GRID to bring DI applications such as consumer load disaggregation into Itron’s expanding ecosystem allows customers to take their energy consumption management into their own hands. In addition, utilities can engage with their customers regarding their carbon footprint and energy usage. We are excited to collaborate with NET2GRID as we both envision a more sustainable future with EV integration and grid modernization in mind.”

“NET2GRID is excited to join Itron’s vibrant Distributed Intelligence ecosystem. With our customer engagement and customer intelligence application, we are taking the first step to utilize Itron’s DI platform, which will enable us to bring on additional applications in the future,” said Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO, NET2GRID. “Once available, the real-time load disaggregation app can deliver billions of predictions every day and provide behind-the-meter insights on charging EV using solar PV production. Through Itron’s third-party ecosystem and our application development partners, we are accelerating how consumers and utilities can benefit from DI applications and taking advantage of energy insights to optimize grid operations. We’ll be able to offer this capability to utilities and customers at a lower cost and develop applications more rapidly than previously possible.”

Itron’s robust DI platform allows innovators to build open, interoperable, value-driven applications on Itron’s secure platform that evolves with market and consumer demands. The DI development program enables an ecosystem of third-party developers to ensure a greater selection of applications to meet utility needs today and into the future. These applications are available via the Itron Enterprise Application Center, which features an increasingly diverse portfolio of Itron and third-party applications that connect to Itron's industry-leading, IoT-based network. The Itron Enterprise Application Center is the operational backbone for our utility customers to manage applications for customers via a private, secure web portal.

To learn more, media and industry analysts are invited to join an Itron press conference on Feb. 2, 2022, at 8 a.m. PST. Register here.


NET2GRID is an AI company which empowers energy retailers to become energy transition leaders by unlocking value from smart meter data. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition. We provide the most accurate residential energy insights and predictions thanks to our unique know-how in collecting and analyzing smart meter data of all granularities. Our services are used by energy suppliers worldwide. Our clients include E.ON, EDP, EDF, ENI. We have offices in the Netherlands, Greece, USA and Germany.


Itron enables utilities and cities to safely, securely and reliably deliver critical infrastructure solutions to communities in more than 100 countries. Our portfolio of smart networks, software, services, meters and sensors helps our customers better manage electricity, gas and water resources for the people they serve. By working with our customers to ensure their success, we help improve the quality of life, ensure safety and promote the well-being of millions of people around the globe. Itron is dedicated to creating a more resourceful world. Join us:


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