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Welcome to Energy Stories, a podcast powered by NET2GRID dedicated to thought provoking conversations with energy industry experts.


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Pioneering energy innovations in Europe: A discussion with Innovation Expert Pablo Izquierdo 

The eighth episode of Energy Stories features Pablo Izquierdo, a true innovator in the energy field, who talks about the catalysts that are driving the energy industry in Europe, the pivotal projects that have shaped his career and the significance of data-driven insights into facilitating the energy transition journeys of end users and utilities.


Our host is Elisavet Sergiadou, Director of Marketing Communications at NET2GRID.

*The podcast episode was recorded on the 25th of October 2023.


In this episode you will learn:

In this podcast you will learn

What the primary factors influencing the energy industry in Europe are, from both the customer and industry perspectives

In this podcast you will learn

Key projects in the Belgian energy retail sector and how they facilitated different customer journeys

In this podcast you will learn

How data-driven insights benefit both the consumer and the energy retail business in the energy transition
Our guest
Pablo Izquierdo

Innovation Expert

Pablo Izquierdo brings significant experience to driving innovation and crafting new business models in the energy retail sector. He has served as the Director of Innovation and Business Development at Luminus, one of Belgium's largest energy retailers, and as a Management Consultant at AFRY, a global energy and engineering advisory firm, among other key roles. Pablo holds an Engineering degree from Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela, and a Master of Science in Energy Economics from IFP New Energies Institute, Paris. 

I first collaborated with NET2GRID when I was in Luminus working as Innovation and Business Development Director. Energy insights can really provide value to customers by helping them understand the household appliances’ consumption. Also, energy insights help the energy retail business in reducing churn by offering tailor made solutions for each customer.

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