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Welcome to Energy Stories, a podcast powered by NET2GRID dedicated to thought provoking conversations with energy industry experts.


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How NeN Energia is revolutionizing the

energy landscape in Italy


The first episode features Camille Vial, Head of Growth at NeN Energia, the first EnerTech company in Italy, which was founded in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our host is Elisavet Sergiadou,

Senior Business Development Manager


*The podcast episode was recorded on 1st July 2021.


In this podcast you will learn

How to launch a new digital energy provider amidst the pandemic
What modern end-customers expect from their energy providers today
How energy consumption
made NeN
customers' lives better 
Curious to know how energy consumption insights improve the lives of NeN Energia customers?

Watch what Camille Vial, Head of Growth at NeN has to say!
photo camille.png
Camille Vial

Head of Growth at NeN

Camille Vial is the Head of Growth at NeN Energia, part of the A2A Group, a leading multi-utility based in Milan. He is amongst the masterminds behind Il Robo, a NeN membership- based offer that allows customers to monitor their own energy consumption and receive personalized advice on how to reduce it.  Prior to that, Camille has been an Innovation & Launch Project Manager in HomeServe, Italy for almost 6 years. He has a Master's from ESCE International Business School in International Trades & Supply Chain Management.

NeN Energia is the first EnerTech company in Italy and was founded in 2020, as a subsidiary of A2A, a leading energy company in Italy. As the first Italian Energy Technology company, it is working to change the perception, service and management of the domestic supply of gas and electricity in Italy.

Our guest
Find out how NeN Energia and NET2GRID collaborate to empower Italian customers.
In case you missed it
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Episode 2

Energy Happy Hour: A customer acquisition & loyalty booster tool

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