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Utilities, here's how to capitalise on the EV opportunity

A graph showing the EVs and chargers distribution in a utility's customer base and a close up image of an EV charging

As the world transitions to a cleaner and more sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. However, for energy retailers and utilities, this presents a new challenge: how to manage the impact of EVs on the grid and offer tailored services to EV owners.

By analysing energy data, energy retailers can identify which customers own EVs and what type of charging level they support. This information can then be used to offer tailored EV charging tariffs and services to EV owners, which can increase customer satisfaction and help retailers better manage the grid.

Continue reading to learn more details about how you can capitalise on the EV opportunity.

Grid management

One of the main benefits of having a better view of EVs in your user base is that it can help manage the impact of EVs on the grid. By identifying which customers own EVs and when they are likely to charge their vehicles, utilities can optimise grid planning and reduce the risk of blackouts or other disruptions. This is particularly important in areas with high levels of EV adoption, and older grid infrastructures, where the grid may be under strain.

Personalised services

Another benefit is that it can help energy retailers offer their customers more efficient and cost-effective services. By tailoring tariffs and EV charger services to the needs of EV owners, retailers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately lead to higher profits. By e.g. identifying households with a Level 1 charger, and who are charging at on-peak times, the utility can offer those users to upgrade to a Level 2 smart charger with EV-optimised tariff plans and allow them to participate in a fully automated EV charging demand response solution.

How can I get information about EVs on my customer base?

By using technology able to detect and analyze residential energy consumption data, retailers can gain a better understanding of their customer's behavior and preferences, and offer tailored services to EV owners. This is particularly helpful for utilities in the US to stay ahead of the competition, manage the impact of EVs on the grid, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

NET2GRID’s Customer Intelligence solution and EV detection feature is specifically designed for energy retailers and utilities. The solution can identify EV charging events and their charging level into three categories: Level 1 (<3kW), Level 2 single phase (3-8.5kW), and Level 2 three phases (>8.5kW) either via smart meter or real-time data. This data can be used to cluster the customer portfolio and identify upsell opportunities and unique offerings. NET2GRID has also partnered with Itron and currently has an EV detection Distributed Intelligence App certified and available for Riva 2.0 meters in the Itron App Store.


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