• Mirka Karra

The importance of solar production monitoring in Australia

Australia is one of the leaders in residential solar production worldwide, with more than 30% of households having rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) with a combined capacity exceeding 11 GW. According to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, solar PV generated approximately 10% of the country’s electricity in 2020-21, making it the fastest-growing generation type in Australia.

Solar energy production monitoring based merely on smart meter data

Solar energy production monitoring is being done by reading the corresponding PV inverter data with a separate app from the inverter supplier. Nevertheless, thanks to a recent technological breakthrough, the NET2GRID team made solar energy production monitoring possible based only on smart meter data. This means that energy retailers can make this feature available based only on the smart meter data they already possess, without any additional investments in hardware. This allows them to offer their customers a complete home energy overview, with energy production, consumption, and grid injection, delivered through a single end-user experience like an app, and, at the same time, offer a