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Ready to be inspired? NET2GRID will be at Itron Inspire 2022 in Florida

Itron Inspire, the premier, customer-focused event with leaders from across the energy, water, IIoT, and smart city communities, is coming this September 23-30, 2022 in Marco Island, FL, and NET2GRID will be there.

Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO at NET2GRID, will co-present during the session titled ‘’Distributed Intelligence: How Real-time edge Computing is a Game Changer for Grid Modernization & Consumer Engagement’’ alongside Ty Roberts (Itron) and Paul Booker (Avangrid) on Monday, September 26 from 2:30-3:15 pm.

More information on how to attend and register for the session, here.

Distributed intelligence (DI) is a utility-facing innovation that reimagines the meter as an edge computing device on the utility’s IoT network, which is critical for grid modernization and consumer engagement. Distributed intelligence platforms provide unparalleled knowledge and real-time information by deploying edge intelligence in concert with traditional back-office analytic capabilities to accurately control and manage the grid and enhance customer engagement.

NET2GRID belongs to ITRON’s ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence with its innovative ‘’Customer Engagement and Customer Intelligence’’ offering. NET2GRID offers leading-edge Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning services in energy insights based on disaggregation of energy consumption from smart meter data.

Are you joining ITRON Inspire 2022 in Florida? Let’s meet!

Whether you’re looking to deliver effective energy efficiency programs to your customer base or collect invaluable customer intelligence, we can help you towards the fulfillment of your goals. NET2GRID will be there as well to discuss how you can create value out of your smart meter data.

Save time. Schedule a meeting with us at Itron Inspire 2022!


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