• Mirka Karra

NET2GRID Drives Transition to Green Energy, Builds Utility Monitoring Solution on AWS

The text was first published on the AWS website. Find it here.

Home energy management company NET2GRID supports renewable energy use by offering an energy monitoring solution that utility companies can provide consumers for home use, but scaling to meet demand proved a challenge. The company’s customer base grew by 10 times in under 2 years.

NET2GRID used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to design, develop, and implement a new serverless architecture, reducing operating costs by 400–500 percent and increasing scalability to enable widespread access to energy metering. Through its new architecture on AWS, NET2GRID can offer a more cost-effective, commercially viable solution to utilities, which in turn can offer real-time home energy management to consumers.

“It’s really about helping consumers change the way they use energy,” says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO of NET2GRID. “To achieve that huge behavioral change, utilities need to do a better job of engaging energy users. And that’s where we help energy companies—by empowering them with the real-time monitoring capabilities they need to move their business from selling commodities to selling services.”

Using Data Science and AWS to Solve a Renewable En