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FACES #21 with Evangelos Kerasidis, Data Analytics Product Owner at NET2GRID

On today's FACES, we have the pleasure of introducing Evangelos Kerasidis, a new addition to the Product team at NET2GRID, as a Data Analytics Product Owner. Evangelos, who has been working at NET2GRID as an Energy Expert for over a year, recently took on the exciting role. With an MA in 'Sustainable Energy' from the Technical University of Denmark and a background in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Evangelos brings a wealth of knowledge about renewables and storage systems to his new position.

1. Hello, Evangelos! Welcome to FACES, and congratulations on your new position! You've been part of the Analytics team for over a year and a half now, a team responsible for the fascinating work of analyzing energy data and generating valuable energy insights. To start off, could you provide some insights into how the Analytics team is organized and structured?

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the invitation and your kind words. It was definitely a pleasure to be a member of the Analytics team, which plays a vital role within NET2GRID's organization. The team comprises four distinct subgroups, namely Energy Analytics, Data Science, Software/DevOps, and R&D teams, all under the leadership of Team Leads and the Head of Analytics. Beyond our individual responsibilities, the teams have established a culture of seamless collaboration, resulting in the development of exceptional products and services. Lastly, the Analytics team remains readily available to support and assist other teams within NET2GRID whenever the need arises.

2. Speaking of your new role as a Product Owner, what does it mean to be a Product Owner, specifically within the context of the Analytics team?

As a Data Analytics Product Owner, my role involves taking ownership and responsibility for the development and management of our products’ energy aspect. I work closely with stakeholders, including the Analytics team, to understand their needs and requirements. I collaborate with the team to define the product vision, prioritize features, and create a roadmap for product development. I also gather feedback from users and stakeholders to ensure that our products meet their expectations and deliver value. Additionally, I facilitate communication and coordination between the Analytics team and other teams within the organization to ensure smooth product delivery.

3. While you were initially hired as an energy expert, your transition to the role of Product Owner must be an exciting change. How does NET2GRID facilitate job internal job transfers and provide opportunities for its existing employees?

Based on my experience and the feedback received from colleagues, NET2GRID is characterized by emphasizing the value of internal talent and actively supporting the growth and advancement of its employees. In addition to our regular responsibilities, the company offers comprehensive training programs tailored to our individual needs and interests. Moreover, the company conducts regular performance evaluations, providing valuable feedback to help us identify areas for improvement and engage in constructive discussions with our managers regarding potential career paths. This creates an environment where we are encouraged to openly express our career aspirations and receive guidance on the various career opportunities available within the organization.

4. Let's delve back into your previous role as an energy expert. Detecting air-conditioners and charging stations sounds like a magical endeavor. What does an energy expert do, and what does a typical day look like for you?

As you correctly pointed out, the role of an Energy Expert involves close collaboration with the Analytics Team to design and painstakingly test algorithms that accurately identify various appliances used in our daily lives. Additionally, drawing on our deep expertise in the energy sector, we provide energy-related advice to the R&D team on cutting-edge energy products and ambitious projects. In parallel, we diligently prioritize service quality through regular quality assurance checks and promptly address any emerging issues. In essence, the Energy Expert role combines collaboration, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail.

5. What aspect of working for NET2GRID do you find most enjoyable?

Working on projects that align with our field of interest can stimulate our enthusiasm and drive for success. It brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that transcends the boundaries of a typical job. However, the most important element lies in the direct interaction with like-minded individuals who share a passion for our work. This aspect holds immeasurable value, especially in light of the recent pandemic and the remote work arrangements it has necessitated. Fortunately, at NET2GRID, we are able to enjoy a working environment that embraces our shared interests, encourages collaboration, and embodies the support of a close-knit family.

6. As someone with a background in sustainable energy, if you had the power to implement one significant change in the world to promote a greener future, what would it be, and why?

As an enthusiast of collective power, I strongly believe we hold the key to actively contributing to the crucial green energy transition. The key lies in providing widespread incentives to the public. Integrating established and emerging renewable energy sources into the existing energy sector is pivotal to this challenging task. But who should take the lead? It's us—the residential customers—who can drive this transformative process by changing our energy consumption habits. There is a wide array of options available to cater to all tastes: electric vehicles as alternatives to conventional ICEs, residential PV systems, replacing polluting boilers with electric heat pumps for heating needs, and much more. Together, we can make a significant impact on building a greener future.

Are you interested in becoming an ‘’Energy Expert’’ at NET2GRID? Learn more about our recent job opening here or learn more about NET2GRID here.


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