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Case study: E.ON’s Smart Control app

How to achieve a Net Promoter Score of +60


Energy suppliers can generate value from smart meter data to engage customers, and create new service offerings to fuel their growth. It is however difficult to obtain meter data, because smart meters have not been rolled out in volume and existing electronic meters are not communicating their readings. Even if they could, they are often installed in the basement outside of WiFi reach. 



NET2GRID has solved these barriers and is unlocking the data of German meters with it’s innovative  SmartBridge. It’s AI algorithms help to give residential customers actionable insights in their energy consumption and make their homes more energy efficient. Energy suppliers can reduce their energy sourcing costs by increasing the accuracy of their forecasting and they are able to offer new services based on the same data. This creates a win-win for energy suppliers and their customers.


NET2GRID is helping E.ON in Germany to deliver these benefits through E.ON's Smart Control app



The E.ON Smart Control solution generates a high level of customer satisfaction resulting in a Net Promoter Score of +60, which is way above the industry average.

Jens Puknat

E.ON Energie Deutschland, Germany

“Customers love our iONA app and the services we are offering create real added value. iONA represents the spirit of the digital generation, providing the possibility to save money and to protect the environment at the same time.”

Download the full case study to read about:

  • The solution in detail

  • The achieved results including a consumer testimonial

  • The app features

  • Types of disaggregated appliances

  • App screenshots

  • Reviews and ratings of the app

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