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Zenith launches Zeniapp, an energy insight and self-service app delivered by NET2GRID

Zeist - The Netherlands, September 16. Zenith in Greece has launched Zeniapp, the new leading energy control and self-service management tool for all of their 400.000 Zenith residential gas and electricity customers. It is powered by NET2GRID’s energy data management and insight platform Ynni and accompanied with the Zeniapp mobile application. Zeniapp provides customers with a better understanding of their energy consumption and spending. They can view their energy invoices and make payments directly in Zeniapp.

With the new Zeniapp application, Zenith customers gain full control and management of their gas and / or electricity supply through their mobile devices.

In particular, Zeniapp users have access to a complete file of all their accounts, even if they have multiple residential properties. The payment of an account can be done electronically through the application, without any additional charge.

By entering manual meter data, users can make sure the upcoming bill is based on up-to-date meter readings, preventing over- or under charging that needs to be corrected afterwards. For holders of a night electricity tariff, Zeniapp offers the ability to monitor energy consumption day- and night meters in the current account overview.

Mr. Manos Exarchoulakos, Marketing and Communication Director of Zenith, said:

"The new digital application Zeniapp makes the daily life of our customers more carefree, as it gives them control and the full picture of their consumption through their smartphone. At Zenith, we stay close to our customers, listening to their needs and utilizing the most advanced technological solutions to continuously improve their energy experience in the new digital age ".

Mr. Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO of NET2GRID, said:

“NET2GRID is proud to be the supplier of this new Zenith service and of the Zeniapp mobile application. The Greek energy consumer is not yet being serviced by smart meter solutions and this is a first step into a full digital self-service experience for Zenith customers. Together with Zenith we will work on helping their customers keep track of their energy consumption costs, and improve customer satisfaction using our services.”

More information can be found on the official website of Zenith

About Zenith

Since July 2018, the Zenith's sole shareholder is the Italian ENI, a leading player in the oil & power industry. It is a strategic partnership that has for many years served and supported Greek society through innovative and reliable services. Zenith is the first integrated and the biggest private Greek energy supplier, offering both gas and electricity to more than 400.000 customers via their Zenith products. Zenith remains focused on its client-oriented philosophy to continuously enhance consumer experience and to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative equipment that respond to this need.


NET2GRID is one of the leading companies worldwide of real time NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) services via their Ynni energy insights and utility self-service platform. NET2GRID’s Ynni platform is reducing your cost to serve while increasing customer engagement. Greater energy consumption insights and deeper, more trusting customer relationships translate into upsell activity and reduced churn. It is our solution to engage your customer. The company was founded in 2011 and holds office in The Netherlands and Greece.


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