• Bram van der Wal

Zenith launches Zeniapp, an energy insight and self-service app delivered by NET2GRID

Zeist - The Netherlands, September 16. Zenith in Greece has launched Zeniapp, the new leading energy control and self-service management tool for all of their 400.000 Zenith residential gas and electricity customers. It is powered by NET2GRID’s energy data management and insight platform Ynni and accompanied with the Zeniapp mobile application. Zeniapp provides customers with a better understanding of their energy consumption and spending. They can view their energy invoices and make payments directly in Zeniapp.

With the new Zeniapp application, Zenith customers gain full control and management of their gas and / or electricity supply through their mobile devices.

In particular, Zeniapp users have access to a complete file of all their accounts, even if they have multiple residential properties. The payment of an account can be done electronically through the application, without any additional charge.

By entering manual meter data, users can make sure the upcoming bill is based on up-to-date meter readings, preventing over- or under ch