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Samsung SmartThings and NET2GRID transform home energy management

New partnership collaboration offers single, integrated platform and user experience for advanced energy monitoring, integration with utilities and managing energy flows via demand response of smart appliances and HVAC products in residential homes

SEOUL, South Korea and ZEIST, The Netherlands. — August 25, 2020 — Samsung Electronics Co. and NET2GRID today announced a European collaboration focused on digitally transforming home energy management in residential areas. This collaboration, combining smart appliances, HVAC systems and real-time energy insight with non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM), aims at helping to drive utility digital transformation, boost energy cost savings via energy efficiency and usage optimizations, along with creating better experiences and added value for both residents and utilities.

This new strategic alliance, with integration efforts currently under development, brings together the power of NET2GRIDs Ynni platform’s individual appliance energy disaggregation services using merely smart meter data, and Samsung SmartThings platform and their SmartThings mobile app.

Together Samsung and NET2GRID will be offering personal and advanced home energy monitoring, in-home energy transparency insights and energy saving tips, help optimize Samsung home appliances and universal smart home operations, add holistic energy management by monitoring of asset performance and controlling those, resulting in user experiences never seen before.

The companies will leverage Samsung’s smart home appliances, HVAC systems with SmartThings, together with NET2GRID’s Ynni energy insights platform to deepen the energy monitoring capability of SmartThings and enable real-time Behavioural and Automated Demand Response services.

Samsung is partnering with NET2GRID for their global energy meter reading coverage through hardware-free AMI-based smart meter data processing capability next to their advanced SmartBridge (meter reader) hardware sku’s that are cost effective allowing a freemium model for utilities based on customer retention and acquisition budgets.

The collaboration with Samsung integrates this capability of NET2GRID to work with Samsung smart appliances, HVAC systems and SmartThings platform.


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