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Podcast: How to create an energy Happy Hour for utilities with AI and more!

Imagine if you could have a ‘happy hour’ for energy – a certain time of day where consumers get cheaper energy or a rebate for the energy they use.

For a service like this to work, customers must be able to access meter data of their energy use at home and an engaging user experience that notifies them the same day upfront when the energy price discounts happen.

Thorsten Heller’s guests from NET2GRID on Greenbird's ‘Be Energized’ podcast use AI to identify energy data from individual appliances or specific household activities such as washing, cleaning, cooking and lighting. With this personal energy data new value add services are and can be further developed around user engagement and help save energy costs and increase energy efficiency.

Listen to our NET2GRID colleagues Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO and Bram van der Wal, Head of Product discuss:

  • Industry experiences from the last year 2020

  • What energy data disaggregation means and how it impacts the energy sector today and in the next years

  • How utilities can develop value-added services on top of their commodity business taking full advantage of smart meter data

  • How to drive change through energy data – your data

  • Example services from leading utilities NET2GRID is working with

Unlike a traditional approach for system integration for utilities, this podcast host Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for digital utilities, whereas their main product Utilihive is a unique digital integration hub and iPaaS built for utilities.

NET2GRID has partnered up with Greenbird for upcoming project integrations. More specific announcements to follow in due time.


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