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NET2GRID's Milestones: 2023 in review

In a world where the demand for sustainable energy solutions has never been more critical, 2023 marked a paradigm shift in the way utilities across the globe harness the power of digital technology. However, we at NET2GRID are not simply witnessing the evolution of the energy sector; we are leading it. In 2023, when the AI wave surged, reshaping industries and redefining the approach to business, we were already there, pioneering with EnergyAI in the energy field. 

Milestone highlights

Let us dive into NET2GRID’s milestones of this remarkable year:

  • User Impact: NET2GRID's energy insights are now reaching households in nine countries and three continents, increasing the user base that we report energy insights to since last year. From 1 million contracted meters in 2022, we jumped to more than 15 million in 2023. And this is only the beginning as we gear up to further extend our energy insights to more end users in the coming year.

  • Strategic Partnerships: NET2GRID forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders to extend its global influence. Collaborations with Powerley in the USA have strengthened our presence in North America further solidifying relationships with key utilities like DTE. All the while we have further expanded our network of partners in Europe with Hiven Energy, and MAC in Italy.

  • Tech Engagement: Our tech engagement with Itron reached new heights in 2023, with integrations on the Edge and on the Cloud. This has unlocked an array of EnergyAI possibilities for utilities in the US, irrespective of the regulatory environments they operate in. Imagine the possibilities—bridging technology and energy to create solutions that transcend boundaries.

  • Sector Expansion: NET2GRID further expanded its offering to Internet Service Providers and OEM’s like banks. This marks a significant milestone in the integration of the energy services across diverse industries. Our continuing collaboration with Rabobank in the banking sector proves that banking is not just about finances anymore; it is about energy empowerment, a shift that echoes the changing landscape of global industries.

  • Worldwide Recognition: NET2GRID was featured in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Guidehouse Insights, and LCP Delta reports, acknowledging our impactful contributions to the energy sector. 

  • Global Presence: NET2GRID actively participated in over 10 industry events worldwide, showcasing our commitment to EnergyAI on the global stage. Notable events include Distributech 2023 in Dallas, Enlit Europe in Paris, Web Summit in Lisbon and Intersolar in Munich. We also supported our partners such as AWS and SAP and our investors Shell, EDP, and APG in smaller-scale events. We were right there, at the heart of it all.

  • Workplace Excellence: For the second consecutive year, NET2GRID was been recognized as a Great Place to Work in both Greece and the Netherlands. Additionally, we earned the distinction of being a Great Workplace for Women, highlighting our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Our workplace is not just about desks and chairs; it is a vibrant ecosystem where creativity flourishes and innovation takes center stage.

  • Team Growth: In 2023, NET2GRID expanded its global workforce by 15%, bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our teams, spread across two continents and four countries, contribute expertise in analytics, software development, sales, product marketing, and project management.

  • Environmental Impact: NET2GRID proudly contributed to saving 970 KG per year/household CO2 emissions. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond technology; it is all about making a tangible difference to the environment we share.

  • Innovation: Our data analytics team achieved great things, enhancing our capabilities to detect and report on an expanded range of up to 16 appliances. From saunas and heat pumps to immersion heaters, each new device identified is a step towards a more comprehensive understanding of residential energy consumption patterns.

A word by our CEO 

‘’Contracting our first US customers and launching service delivery in 2024 is not only a milestone for NET2GRID but a pivotal moment for the US energy landscape. Market validation shows that the value of our EnergyAI service increasingly lies in Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) use cases, set to gain even more ground in the coming year. With over 10 million US meters contracted, NET2GRID's EnergyAI, pivotal for better customer engagement, is foundational for the grid of the future'.’’ Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO

Closing remarks

In closing, 2023 was a testament to NET2GRID's commitment to pioneering change in the energy landscape. The year unveiled achievements that reverberate globally, setting the stage for a future in which EnergyAI is not just a concept but a transformative force. As we step into the next chapter, we carry the momentum of 2023, energized and determined to shape the future of sustainable energy solutions. Stay tuned; the best is yet to come.


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