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NET2GRID launches the #FACES Series

At NET2GRID, we have amazing people working in all departments. We place the human factor at the center of our corporate culture. What's more, we want to give our people the opportunity to work and shine. In our new#FACES spotlight series, we highlight a wide array of NET2GRID team players and personalities and their critical roles in achieving great results. On the occasion of the International Day for Women working in Information and Communication Technology on 22/04, we are shining the light on three women who are having an impact on NET2GRID. Learn more about their roles and their advice for young girls and women who may be interested in working in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Nantia Svarna - Energy Analytics Engineer

I am Nantia Svarna and I am 37 years old. I am an electrical and computer engineer, with a Master’s degree in Energy Production and Management. I've been working in the energy sector since 2008. My first collaboration with NET2GRID was in 2016, as part of an academic project. Since 2017 I am a full-time employee at NET2GRID. I am also a mother of two small children and I'm always looking for free time to read my books and watch all-time classic movies.

What advice would you give to a student wishing to start their career in your field?

NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) is a field of research that is now beginning to emerge and I think it will attract much more attention in the years to come. You can approach it with a variety of programming languages and techniques and it's a field that applies to small-scale datasets like domestic installations, to large-scale ones like industrial units, or even national power grids. With all that in mind, I would advise anyone interested in this field of work to embark on this journey with no hesitation.

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have you overcome them?

As the first Greek team member of NET2GRID to have family and children it was challenging for me to successfully balance my work with my life as a full-time mother. But in this endeavor, I had the unconditional support and understanding of all my team members and the management of NET2GRID.

Given the fact that NET2GRID is a leader in NILM technology, it allows me to rapidly evolve professionally and keeps me motivated to advance my career.

Angeliki Konstantinidou - Data Scientist / Software Engineer

Hi, this is Angeliki. I have studied Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia where I received my Master's degree as well in 2018. My professional journey started in 2013 and throughout the years I developed a background in research, programming, and consulting until all this acumen culminated in me becoming a part of the NET2GRID family. In my spare time, I enjoy taking long walks, traveling, and spending time with my friends, who I miss so much.

When did you first become interested in tech and was there a moment when you knew you were going to follow a career in the field?

A part of my studies focused on the development of systems in a number of fields, so I found very interesting and creative the analysis and problem-solving processes that this evolves, especially during the time I was writing my thesis. I would say that the satisfaction that one takes from completing a project made me understand that I was going to follow a programming career.

Which woman has most influenced you in your personal life and/or career?

I can't think of just one woman who has influenced me professionally, I have encountered great mentors who have inspired me. When I think back to what had the biggest impact on my life I would have to say it’s my mother. She is the one who taught me the value of setting up goals and working hard to achieve them, be strong and independent. I have learned from her perseverance and resilience, I appreciate her efforts and support every day.

Ioanna Dimitrelou - Cloud Engineer

My name is Ioanna Dimitrelou and I am a student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. For the past months, I have been working as an intern at NET2GRID. I enjoy learning new things and finding new opportunities for personal growth.

What drew you to work at NET2GRID?

I was interested in the field of Big Data and I wanted to learn more about how large amounts of data can be stored and managed effectively. Working at NET2GRID has been an excellent way to become more familiar with this field as well as gain valuable work experience.

How do you believe that you have an impact by working at NET2GRID?

My main focus is to address the need to handle very large amounts of data and to offer solutions that can scale as the amount of data grows. This can help serve a larger number of users as well as reduce costs.


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