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NET2GRID launches ‘Energy Stories’ Podcast Series

Why a podcast by NET2GRID?

The new podcast by NET2GRID ‘Energy Stories’ was born out of the necessity to share with the world the discussions that are taking place within the energy industry at this pivotal moment in time.

With humans already experiencing the catastrophic consequences of climate change and utilities adapting their business model to the necessities of the energy transition, we feel the need to echo the solutions and best practices that are being adopted throughout the world.

‘Energy Stories’ will shed light on the best practices of industry experts who are innovating and finding greener ways to engage with their customers while being successful.

What can listeners expect from this podcast?

The podcast episodes are built around well-structured and short discussions which aim to give voice to energy industry players on topics such as energy transformation, digitalization, green innovation and energy efficiency.

Our guests span from energy leaders to consultants to cloud providers and share concrete facts and solutions that help shape a green vision for the future of the energy industry.

We hope that listeners will find the discussions insightful and resourceful and will walk away feeling inspired.

The content of the first episode and guest

The first episode will feature Camille Vial, Head of Growth at NeN Energia, the first EnerTech company in Italy, founded in 2020, as a subsidiary of A2A. As the first Italian Energy Technology company, it is working to change the perception, service and management of the domestic supply of gas and electricity in Italy.

In the first episode you will find out:

➧ How a new digital energy provider managed to launch successfully amidst the pandemic?

➧ What do modern end customers expect from their energy providers today?

➧ What is Il Robo and how has it helped change the lives of its users for the better?

Stay tuned and subscribe here to receive notification on the first podcast episode. It would be available on iTunes, Spotify & Google Podcasts.

Do you have an interesting energy story to share? We would like to hear from you! Drop us a line at or fill in the contact form on our website.


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