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NET2GRID has integrated its residential smart energy platform with Alfen EV chargers

  • NET2GRID announces that they have integrated their platform solutions with the Alfen EV chargers, enabling new smart EV charging proposition strategies. With this cooperation, NET2GRID makes additional charging services possible for Alfen home charger stations in all European countries.

  • NET2GRID has developed real-time smart meter reader hardware for global markets connecting to EV home chargers. Using the NET2GRID white-label mobile app and platform, you can follow the smart charging sessions and define the EV smart charging strategy yourself as an end-user. For example, you could set in the app to automatically charge your EV when your PV solar installation is producing most of its energy.

  • Using this new integrated offering, utilities and energy suppliers can engage their customers in adopting new EV charging value add services such as special EV rate plans, smart charging self-optimization, combined solar PV and EV charger bundles, and demand response programs.

Zeist, The Netherlands, Tuesday 13 April 2021 - NET2GRID is pleased to announce that it has integrated the Alfen EV home chargers with NET2GRID’s residential smart energy platform using a real-time smart meter hardware reader that can be painlessly self-installed by end-users.

NET2GRID’s low-cost energy readers are able to work together with the Alfen EV charger products while simultaneously monitoring in real-time the whole home energy consumption and residential solar PV production, ultimately analyzing net metering data flows from smart meters.

What makes this integration interesting is that energy suppliers and utilities can maximize their EV offering by introducing EV-specific rate plans and upselling to an EV smart charging portfolio where both the household energy self-optimization is at the core while no comfort to the end consumer is lost.

EV owners will benefit from lower costs for EV charging at home by using as much as possible of their own produced solar PV power from their roof to charge their car and benefit by using the lowest dynamic and time-of-use electricity tariffs they get with their energy supplier contract. Using their in-house developed intra-day and day-ahead energy market price forecasting models, NET2GRID optimizes the EV smart charging strategy for each household, taking into account the local weather forecasts as well. With this integration, NET2GRID will further optimize the EV charging customer journey and boost the development of its white-label residential virtual power plant platform.

NET2GRID empowers utilities and energy retailers by providing actionable energy insights to their end customers based on the standard AMI and real-time analysis of their energy usage data. At the heart of NET2GRID’s product portfolio sits its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that deliver unique energy insights and energy consumption predictions. NET2GRID’s clients, including E.ON, ENI, NeN Energia, and Pure Energie, use NET2GRID’s SaaS and PaaS solutions to increase customer engagement, optimize marketing and operational costs, and improve energy trading models.

”We are excited to have worked together with Alfen and we welcome their strong EV product portfolio and global reach,” says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, NET2GRID’s founder and CEO. “We share a vision of creating an intelligent, transparent, and cleaner energy value chain, by translating energy consumption data into smart, personalized services. Together we can bring innovative EV charging services for homeowners to make sure we optimize the energy consumption from the grid and make the most use of the solar panels installed on the roof to charge the electric vehicle, against the lowest price. I am proud that our low-cost SmartBridge reader, connected to the smart meter, can control in real-time the charging process and therefore enable EV smart charging services for utilities and other market players.”

“NET2GRID is a competent party with a lot of expertise in the field of energy management,” says Marcel Maspaitella, Product Manager at Alfen Charging Equipment. “We are impressed with how they have developed the technical integration with our charging systems in such a short amount of time. Alfen innovates as an active player in the energy transition. The integration with energy management platforms such as those of NET2GRID fits into our strategy.”


NET2GRID is an award-winning, AI-enabled company that empowers utilities and energy retailers to provide actionable insights to their customers based on analysis of their energy usage data. Through our service, we aim to enhance the gross margin of utilities, improve the customer engagement experience, and contribute towards accelerating the world’s energy transition to a sustainable future. We provide energy suppliers the tools which enable them to service their own customers better by using the energy usage data they already possess; historical, smart meter, or real-time data. At the core of our expertise lies cutting-edge AI machine learning services in energy insights & energy consumption prediction. Additionally, NET2GRID has internally developed low-cost hardware to unlock real-time meter data for global markets that are self-installable. Our service is used by energy suppliers worldwide and we help them to build a loyal customer base of satisfied customers, reduce their costs, and expand their business by generating upsell and cross-sell leads towards energy-saving solutions. We also help our clients include residential products like EV, PV, and heat pumps into an integrated Home Energy Overview with Virtual Power Plant capabilities.

The company was founded in 2011 and holds offices in the Netherlands and Greece.

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Bert Lutje Berenbroek

Tel: +31 30 304 00 86

About Alfen

Alfen provides high-quality and smart end-2-end energy solutions, operating in the heart of the energy transition. With transformer substations, energy storage systems, charging stations for electric vehicles, and a large portfolio of other products, Alfen takes on a central role and is a connecting partner in the electricity grid. With its broad range of in-house developed products and its vast experience as a systems integrator, Alfen is dedicated to building the electricity grid of the future to be reliable, sustainable, and innovative.


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