NET2GRID first to introduce solar disaggregation at European NILM conference

Duisburg, 2 October 2018. During the fifth European Non Intrusive Load Monitoring workshop at the Fraunhofer center in Duisburg, Germany, NET2GRID presented a global premier.

With five years of experience in real time solar monitoring , NET2GRID collected 10 second data of both the smart meter and the solar production at more than 2000 residential houses. There is a real need in the market to monitor the performance of solar panels, an industry estimate is that 20% of installations are facing undiscovered defects in the first three years due to lack of monitoring. Installing inverter independent hardware is not cost effective and connected inverters have a wide variety of APIs and do not offer the desired reliability

The NET2GRID NILM based solar monitoring solution is inverter independent and does not require hardware installation in the metering cabinet.

“Every day our service is accurately calculating the gross solar production and the peak production / time during that day. Combining this data with meteorological data and performance of nearby installations, we generate valuable advice to solar owners“