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NET2GRID amongst best working environments for juniors in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki - Greece, October 26, 2020. NET2GRID Hellas has been recognised by the Internship Program of The Aristotle University Thessaloniki as one of the best working environments in the city for junior graduate engineers and developers to kick start their careers.

NET2GRID Hellas welcomes students from the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and of Informatics of Aristotle University for 3-month internships, 3 times per year. The student applications for the much wanted internship spots double every year and a number of these internships lead to permanent contracts with NET2GRID Hellas.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki awarded NET2GRID Hellas for the previous academic year (2018-2019) with the following distinctions:

  1. Dr. Dimitrios I. Doukas as the best supervisor/mentor and

  2. NET2GRID’s Machine Learning Engineer, Mr. Christos Athanasiadis as the best intern

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the award ceremony has been postponed.

Such awards are an acknowledgement of the dedication and drive of NET2GRID’s Dr. Antonios Chrysopoulos (Head of Analytics) and of Dr. Dimitrios I. Doukas (Chief Information Officer) to create a high performance learning experience that is beneficial to both students and NET2GRID.

Interns’ Statements:

Mr. Apostolos Vavouris, Energy Analytics Engineer: “NET2GRID gave me a great opportunity to start my career into an exceptional environment and to put into practice my academic specialisation. Being a company with employees in different European countries, NET2GRID offered me the experience of collaborating remotely and thus enhancing cross-border communication. Definitely, the best company for an internship programme.

Mr. Christos Athanasiadis, Machine Learning Engineer: “My internship with NET2GRID was a great experience and helped me transfer my knowledge from university to industry. I had the opportunity to develop highly in-demand skills like AI and advanced analytics for energy disaggregation and start a career as a Machine Learning engineer.

Mrs. Foteini Dervisi, Electrical and Computer Engineer: “My internship at NET2GRID was an awesome opportunity to gain research experience, tackle real-world problems and offer innovative solutions. During my time at the company I had the chance to develop my technical, teamwork and communication skills. Being part of the NET2GRID team is an amazing experience for anyone wishing to experience work at a successful startup!

Mr. Prodromos Kampas, Embedded Systems Engineer: “NET2GRID gave me the opportunity to start my career in a competitive and challenging field. During my internship I was assigned tasks that inspired me to keep pushing my limits and broaden my knowledge in the field of embedded engineering.

Mrs. Vasiliki Parousidou, Telecommunications Software Engineer at Intracom Telecom: “My internship at NET2GRID helped me apply the knowledge I gained during my studies as well as develop skills that will help me in my later career.

For NET2GRID Hellas this program has been an amazing opportunity to close the gap between University and Industry, offer new graduates the opportunity to start a promising career, prevent the so-called "brain-drain" which devastates Greece and establish a gateway to sourcing talent.

NET2GRID’s Dr. Dimitrios I. Doukas (CIO & Country Manager Greece) said:

“In the last 3 years we had 29 interns working with us on topics like ‘Big Energy Data Analytics’, ‘Embedded Systems’, ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘AWS Cloud Services’. Completing their successful internships, NET2GRID Hellas offered permanent contracts to 8 of them, whereas 6 are still with NET2GRID. 2 of the earlier interns (later our employees) left as they got the opportunity to follow an international career with tech giants like e.g. with our partner Amazon. We see an increased interest from students to join NET2GRID Hellas for an internship program over time. More specifically, we had 15 students applying to join our internship program in 2018, followed by 49 in 2019 and 73 in 2020, respectively. We soon expect that number to exceed 100.”


NET2GRID is a young, innovative company which offers leading-edge AI and machine learning services in energy insights based on smart meter data.

We pride ourselves in delivering market leading algorithms to identify individual appliances, measure their consumption and determine their efficiency in comparison with the best in class.

Our service is used by top-tier energy suppliers worldwide, helping them to build a loyal base of satisfied customers, reduce their cost and expand their business.

The company was founded in 2011 and holds offices in The Netherlands and in Greece.

Media Contact:


Berend Olde Rikkert

Tel: +31 30 304 00 86


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