innogy and enviaM are launching the iONA energy insight service

Essen - Germany, November 6 - innogy and enviaM are launching the iONA energy insight service in Germany for all households where the old ferraris meter is being replaced with a new digital MeDa-meter. While the German market is still waiting for the first smart meters to be installed, innogy and enviaM are leapfrogging the smart meter rollout with disruptive technology from NET2GRID and Lemonbeat.

The iONA receiver unit installation is very simple, allowing consumers to securely capture their data through the wireless interface of MeDa-meters. Lemonbeat technology enables the direct transmission of the meter data to the customer’s living room. Consumers get insight in the usage and the efficiency of their household appliances. By providing transparency and easily understandable analyses the service enables customers to actually save energy and cost and helps to prevent the yearly bill shock. Both companies expect customers will be delighted by the new service.

Innogy and enviaM prove their position as innovation companies by being the first to introduce a real time disaggregation service based on smart meter data. Where until now, in-home installation of complex and expensive equipment was needed, NET2GRID’s algorithms get the maximum out of MeDa-meter data, with a self-install d