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Greenbird and NET2GRID partner to unlock access to smart meter data across Europe

  • The partnership gives NET2GRID direct access to national smart meter Data hubs, reducing the risk and costs involved in accessing energy consumption data and significantly accelerating go-to-market time.

  • What makes this partnership unique is that energy suppliers and other energy market entrants with an international presence can accelerate customer acquisition across countries thanks to an energy consumption insights platform which is not dependent on legacy metering IT infrastructure and can easily and cost-effectively be linked using open APIs.

  • The partnership has already been put to use, allowing NET2GRID to deploy its services in an extremely short amount of time, strengthening its market offering.

Zeist, The Netherlands, Wednesday 28 April 2021 - Greenbird and NET2GRID announce a partnership that will allow the two innovative companies to join expertise and deployment power to unlock energy consumption data across Europe for energy suppliers and energy market entrants.

Greenbird specializes in obtaining and delivering 15-30-60 mins time-series data from national Data hubs, smart meter head-end systems, and modular IT infrastructures. Greenbird’s Utilihive platform offers pre-built integration flows, connectors, and an energy data mesh to integrate with the national Data hubs to unlock data access. Thanks to this partnership, NET2GRID will be able to access data quickly and cost-effectively eliminating risks and accelerating its go-to-market time. NET2GRID processes smart meter data to offer energy insights and analysis, personal saving recommendations, and fully integrated services driving user engagement through its innovative energy insights SaaS.

This collaboration opens a new path for energy providers and energy market entrants such as banks and smart home manufacturers with an international presence to accelerate customer acquisition across countries. NET2GRID’s energy insights platform is not dependent on energy supplier legacy IT infrastructure making it easy and cost-effective to link to using open APIs. NET2GRID is in a position to enable smart home manufacturers, HVAC, or EV charging solutions providers to bring highly engaging energy insights services into their platforms or apps. This cross-country deployment can take place with one solution to work in all European markets which makes it very cost-effective.

Greenbird’s contribution towards a unique time-to-market for software services, reduction of risk, and total cost of ownership will further elevate NET2GRID’s offering by engaging more innovatively with clients and achieving higher levels of satisfaction. At the same time, NET2GRID’s client portfolio will enable Greenbird to further increase its capabilities by enhancing its Utilihive partner ecosystem.

Quote from NET2GRID:

‘’Our partnership with Greenbird empowers NET2GRID to serve our clients faster and more cost-effectively as unobstructed access to smart meter data forms the basis of all energy disaggregation services. International energy players should not miss out on the opportunity to accelerate customer acquisition across countries benefiting from the direct access to data that this partnership brings. As utilities are forced to transform quickly into digital and data-driven businesses, the unique know-how in NET2GRID and Greenbird will be utilized to create long-term value from data and help them adapt quickly to changing requirements and opportunities in the market.’’ says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, NET2GRID’s CEO.

Quote from Greenbird:

“Research shows that utilities statistically spend more than 80% of all IT costs and efforts in just maintaining their systems status quo. Less than 20% are spent on innovating. In addition, utilities spend more than 80% on just preparing and accessing data. Providing an integrated solution and value proposition together with NET2GRID helps organizations innovate faster and accelerate time to value. We strongly believe in empowering the prosumer models and active engagement of distributed power producers and consumers, where actionable insights are required that utilities, energy retailers, and other market participants are providing from their energy usage data.” says Thorsten Heller, CEO, and Co-founder of Greenbird Integration Technology.


NET2GRID is an award-winning, AI-enabled company that empowers utilities and energy retailers to provide actionable insights to their customers based on analysis of their energy usage data. Through our service, we aim to enhance the gross margin of utilities, improve the customer engagement experience, and contribute towards accelerating the world’s energy transition to a sustainable future. We provide energy suppliers the tools which enable them to service their own customers better by using the energy usage data they already possess; historical, smart meter, or real-time data. At the core of our expertise lies cutting-edge AI machine learning services in energy insights & energy consumption prediction. Additionally, NET2GRID has internally developed low-cost hardware to unlock real-time meter data for global markets that are self-installable. Our service is used by energy suppliers worldwide and we help them to build a loyal customer base of satisfied customers, reduce their costs, and expand their business by generating upsell and cross-sell leads towards energy-saving solutions. We also help our clients include residential products like EV, PV, and heat pumps into an integrated Home Energy Overview with Virtual Power Plant capabilities. The company was founded in 2011 and holds offices in the Netherlands and Greece.

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Bert Lutje Berenbroek

Tel: +31 30 304 00 86

About Greenbird

Greenbird is an international solution and technology company with roots in Norway. We simplify the complexity of Big Data Integration to help organizations unlock the value of their data and mission-critical applications. Our flagship innovation, Utilihive, is a cloud-native platform combining enterprise integration capabilities with a data lake optimized for energy use cases. We founded Greenbird in 2010 with a mission to revolutionize how the energy industry thinks about enterprise system integration. Today, Utilihive is used by utilities across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia — serving more than 50 million consumers.

Greenbird is headquartered in Oslo, with approximately 50 employees. Our company is composed primarily of senior developers and consultants specializing in technology development and customer onboarding of the Utilihive platform.

Media Contact

Greenbird Integration Technology

Frederik ten Sythoff

Tel: +31 631991583


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