• Mirka Karra

German energy retailers: The residential energy analytics challenge

In Germany, the government aims at increasing renewables shares, eliminating coal and nuclear dependency, which leaves electricity as the obvious winner in the energy mix. At the same time, more and more consumers are turning to prosumers producing their own energy and are willing to do their part in reducing CO2 emissions.

New entrants in the German energy market like Octopus and Tibber are anticipating this trend, offering a challenging and appealing alternative. They deliver renewable energy and their profit margins are based not on the amount of energy that consumers use, but on the smart services they provide to them. Their services are mostly subscription-based.

Germany’s incumbent utilities are E.ON, Vattenfall, and EnBW. On a municipal level and unlike most countries in Europe, regional energy providers still exist, the so-called Stadtwerke. The Stadtwerke enjoy a great deal of trust and popularity from their local customer base.