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FACES #29 June: Spotlight on Luis Martinez Zirr, Senior Account Executive at NET2GRID

This month’s FACES features Luis Martinez Zirr, a Senior Account Executive at NET2GRID. Luis constitutes a vital part of NET2GRID’s sales team, managing key accounts with major utility companies and with particular attention paid to Spain and Italy. Having 13 years of experience in business development, account management, client relationship building, and advising companies in the digital economy, Luis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to NET2GRID. His focus areas include Telco, Fintech, Energy, and FoodTech. Hailing from Argentina, Luis has also lived and worked in Spain and Israel. He holds a BA in Accountancy from the University of Buenos Aires and a postgraduate degree in Iberian, Latin American, and Middle East Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Let’s dive into his journey and insights!

Hi Luis and welcome to FACES June! Can you start by telling us more about your main responsibilities as a Senior Account Executive at NET2GRID?

My main responsibilities include developing and maintaining strong client relationships, acting as the primary contact for inquiries, and ensuring client satisfaction. I identify and pursue new business opportunities, implement sales strategies, and prepare presentations and proposals. I manage multiple client accounts, monitor performance, and coordinate with internal teams for timely product delivery. I also develop account plans, collaborate on marketing strategies, and provide market insights. Additional duties include tracking account performance, analyzing sales data, and preparing management reports. I negotiate contracts, manage renewals, mentor junior team members, and lead projects. By conducting market research and competitive analysis, I stay informed about industry trends and identify business growth and innovation opportunities.

You have a rich multicultural background: born and raised in Argentina, you moved to Israel for your postgraduate studies and, later on, you worked in Spain. How has this multiculturalism influenced your approach to sales and your daily work at NET2GRID?

With over 10 years of experience in business development across international markets, I have a deep well of expertise. Starting my career as a certified accountant, I transitioned into a Sales Executive role. Having lived and worked in diverse countries such as Argentina, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, and now the Netherlands, I use my cultural intelligence to build strong relationships and ensure smooth communication and collaboration in any business setting. This flexibility and adaptability make me well-suited to help NET2GRID achieve its vision and market growth.

With your extensive experience in advising companies on digitalization and being the primary contact for some of NET2GRID’s biggest utility clients, what do you see as the top three challenges utilities face today in adopting new technologies?

Utilities face challenges in adopting new technologies, including regulatory hurdles, legacy system integration, and cost constraints. However, there are opportunities for utilities to further capitalize on:

  • Harnessing distributed energy resources (DER) and cultivating strategic partnerships: By collaborating with clean energy startups, utilities can lead innovation and maintain competitiveness in the evolving energy landscape.

  • Deploying smart digital solutions and harnessing data-driven practices: Utilizing AI and advanced analytics enables utilities to optimize renewable energy management, enhance operational efficiency, and meet evolving customer needs effectively.

  • Strengthening communication and enhancing customer engagement strategies: Clear and proactive communication with customers about energy management and sustainability goals builds trust and loyalty, all essential for navigating the complexities of energy transition.

These strategies empower utilities to overcome challenges and harness opportunities for innovation and growth in the energy sector.

Can you share a recent success story from your work at NET2GRID that you're particularly proud of?

One recent success story I'm proud of involves launching our NET2GRID EnergyAI solution in collaboration with a major utility client in the Netherlands. Through our technology, we enabled the utility to significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by delivering real-time energy consumption data and personalized insights. This launch not only will improve customer experience but also position our client as an innovative energy advisor in the Dutch market. It's gratifying to see how our innovations directly contribute to positive outcomes for both our customers and their consumers.

What trends do you foresee with regards to digitalization, particularly in the utility sector, over the next five years?

The utility sector is poised for significant transformation with the integration of generative AI-driven solutions. These innovations will enable utilities to accurately forecast energy consumption, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency, thereby reducing energy waste. Simultaneously, customers will assume an increasingly influential role in advancing towards a net-zero future. Utilities will focus on enriching customer experiences and promoting sustainable practices, including encouraging consumer participation in grid stability and the adoption of renewable energy. Furthermore, advancements in technology will expedite the shift towards decentralized energy generation, supported by investments in digital strategies and infrastructure upgrades. This evolution aims to foster a more inclusive and sustainable global energy landscape.

Do you have a favorite motivational quote or phrase that you often recall to keep yourself inspired?

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way,” by Viktor Frankl.


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