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E-Charge proof of concept

In The Netherlands new regulation is introduced to support contracting multiple energy suppliers through a single electricity meter. Currently, households have to order a second smart meter measuring the energy consumption if they choose to contract an additional energy supplier for charging an electric vehicle at home. This is an expensive and time consuming solution.

Enexis, a Dutch grid operator, IBM and NET2GRID developed a solution for appliance based billing. In an e-charge proof of concept a solution based on real-time power data delivered through the NET2GRID hardware and platform and IBM's blockchain technology proved to be successful. Allocation of appliance usage offers transparency and billing options. Dedicated tariff per appliance or invoicing PEV charging costs to third parties are only the beginning. NET2GRID will deliver later this year a service based on Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) that allows appliance based billing without the need of additional hardware.


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