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5 reasons why NET2GRID is a Great Place to Work in 2023

NET2GRID takes immense pride in fostering an inclusive, diverse, and enjoyable workplace environment. As a company committed to accelerating the energy transition, NET2GRID believes that it's exceptional workforce and open culture are vital in achieving its mission. For the second year in a row, NET2GRID earned the prestigious certification as a Great Place to Work* for both its Dutch and Greek offices. Now, let's explore the five areas where NET2GRID continues to excel and thrive.

1. 100% Fair Treatment Regardless of Race:

At NET2GRID, diversity is celebrated and respected; we speak more than 12 languages and we are made up of more than 7 nationalities. The survey conducted among employees highlighted that 100% of respondents feel treated fairly, regardless of their race. This inclusive mindset promotes an environment where every individual's unique perspectives and backgrounds are valued and appreciated.

2. 100% Fair Treatment Regardless of Gender:

NET2GRID is committed to providing a great workplace for everyone, ensuring gender equality. All employees, irrespective of gender, unanimously reported being treated fairly. NET2GRID recognizes that a diverse team brings forth a variety of experiences and viewpoints, resulting in enhanced creativity, innovation, and overall success. The company has been recognized as a Best Workplace for Women in 2022, an achievement further highlighted by the fact that 37% of employees are women when the tech industry standard is 32%, and almost 50% of management roles are made up of women.

3. 100% Welcoming Atmosphere for New Joiners:

NET2GRID takes great care to ensure that new employees feel welcome from day one. The survey revealed that 100% of newcomers experienced a warm reception upon joining the company. This welcoming atmosphere is celebrated with company-wide ''Welcome parties'' enabling individuals to get to know each other and integrate smoothly, fostering strong team bonds and a sense of belonging.

4. 100% Fair Treatment Regardless of Sexual Orientation:

NET2GRID is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all sexual orientations. The survey showed that 100% of respondents affirmed that they are treated fairly, irrespective of their sexual orientation. This commitment to equality allows everyone to express their authentic selves freely and contribute to NET2GRID's vibrant culture.

5. Celebrating Special Events:

At NET2GRID, special events are embraced as opportunities for camaraderie and joy. 99% of employees agreed that special occasions are celebrated within the company. Whether it's birthdays, team achievements, hello or goodbye parties, or cultural festivities these events create a positive and uplifting work environment, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of community. Take a glimpse of our previous celebrations and activities here.

Come join us!

As NET2GRID continues to lead the way in accelerating the energy transition, it remains a truly Great Place to Work, attracting dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. Would you like to join NET2GRID's innovative and fast-growing tech company and contribute to the energy transition? Learn more about the benefits and the company culture, and all available opportunities here.

*The Great Place to Work survey, certifying NET2GRID as a Great Place to Work, is conducted independently by the Great Place to Work organization. The survey is directed to NET2GRID employees, ensuring confidentiality and objectivity. Employees provide feedback anonymously, without company involvement, guaranteeing the credibility of the results. NET2GRID's 2023 certification as a Great Place to Work was based on unbiased and confidential employee responses, solidifying the company's exceptional workplace culture.


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