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White paper

Extracting Household Profile Information from Smart Meter Consumption Data

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Customer Intelligence can benefit many stakeholders, including utilities, end-users, and new players coming from different domains such as finance or telecoms. In particular, more profound insights into household characteristics (e.g. socio-demographic characteristics, property characteristics, and household appliances) can enable the development of personalized services and intelligent business applications, not limited to the energy sector. So far, profile information is usually collected through site visiting and/or by sending out questionnaires and surveys to end-users. The costs associated with site visiting (or other means) for collecting end-user profile information through surveys and questionnaires, the lack of personalization, the unanswered questions and other disadvantages make these methods unsuccessful. On the other hand, the widespread deployment of smart meters and the available data from them offer a unique opportunity for a holistic view of consumer habits and consumption patterns. 

The content of the white paper consists of: 

  • What is household profile information

  • How does household profile information collected & analysed

  • NET2GRID's approach

  • Business Benefits & Use Cases

  • Detailed types of estimations

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