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NET2GRID launches interactive documentation for the Customer Engagement API

Exciting new developments are underway at NET2GRID! The company is pleased to announce an official launch of the NET2GRID interactive documentation for the Customer Engagement API, part of the INSIGHT platform. This API documentation is now openly accessible for developers on

The NET2GRID Customer Engagement service is developed for energy retailers or OEMs (of heat pumps or solar panels), among others, who want to offer their customers insights into the energy behaviour of their household. The Customer Engagement API offers a wide range of endpoints for app developers of the service providers to create or enrich energy apps for their particular use case.

The Customer Engagement API documentation includes API guides, which provides developers with guidelines on how to integrate with the most important services to build energy insights applications. The API reference manual provides OpenAPI specifications of the API calls to the most important services on the NET2GRID platform.

Benefits of the NET2GRID Customer Engagement API open documentation portal

The NET2GRID Customer Engagement API open documentation portal is simple and easy to use. Its core benefit is to provide clear descriptions, context, how-to's and expected results of each API call endpoint. Once developers connect to the NET2GRID Customer Engagement API, the possibilities to provide energy insights to customers are plentiful.

With the developer-friendly NET2GRID Customer Engagement API, energy retailers can easily build energy insight applications for their customers provided by NET2GRID. These insights include historical energy consumption data, AI-derived insights (load disaggregation, peer comparison, solar production etc.) In addition the API describes user journeys such as client onboarding, authentication and provisioning of household profiles with example visuals from NET2GRID’s Ynni reference app.

Integrating the service works across all different granularities of smart meter input, from 15 minutes of Smart Meter data to 1-10 seconds of Real-Time data. The latter can be accessed from the meter via NET2GRID's hardware.

Check it out on our website!

"The energy transition is an infinite game in which changes in household energy behaviour is an important key. Giving developers public access to our API documents accelerates the time in which customers can provide their customers with actionable energy insights." - Peter Broekroelofs, Chief Technology Officer, NET2GRID


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