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NET2GRID at Itron Inspire 2023: Cutting-edge real-time Energy AI demos in San Antonio, Texas

Join NET2GRID at Itron Inspire 2023 in San Antonio, Texas, from October 24th to 26th for an exciting showcase of real-time energy disaggregation technology. The live demonstrations at Itron’s Knowledge Center will highlight the tangible benefits for utilities, regardless of their regulatory environment.

Unlocking business benefits

NET2GRID's real-time Energy AI disaggregation services deliver several essential business advantages:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Real-time data fosters personalized customer engagement that strengthens utility-consumer relationships.

  • Accurate DER Intelligence: Precise insights into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) enable utilities to optimize grid management efficiently and make data-driven grid investment decisions.

  • Residential Customer Intelligence: Detailed data empowers utilities to tailor marketing efforts, develop Time of Use (ToU) tariffs, and implement customer demand response or non-wires alternative initiatives.

Book the demo

Don't miss this opportunity to explore NET2GRID's cutting-edge technology at Itron’s Knowledge Center. Schedule a private demo here at Itron Inspire 2023 and discover how you can enhance your grid management and customer engagement efforts.


We will be showcasing how utilities can unlock real-time disaggregation regardless of their regulatory framework. For utilities where there is a regulatory mandate or approval for cloud-based services, this high-value service can be leveraged via the Itron DataHub. For utilities where there is no such mandate or approval, utilities can leverage the NET2GRID IEEE 2030.5-compatible SmartBridge device developed on the Xcel Energy and Itron-provided SDK.

Cloud-based & Wi-Fi-enabled demo

Experience NET2GRID's first demo, focusing on cloud-based real-time disaggregation, presented through our demo app. This app mirrors the 'my utility'-like environment, providing utility customers with appliance-level insights in real-time. This empowers utilities to enhance customer engagement and improve grid management. For utilities working with Itron in regions where cloud-based services are approved, the Itron DataHub seamlessly integrates NET2GRID's energy disaggregation.

Hardware-based demo

In the second demo, NET2GRID will introduce its hardware-based disaggregation solution, compatible with the Riva and all other IEEE 2030.5-compatible meters. Utilities facing regulatory constraints on cloud-based services can opt for the IEEE 2030.5-compatible SmartBridge device, ensuring compliance while delivering energy insights to their customers. Witness how this hardware enables customer engagement and grid management.

More at Itron Inspire 2023

Don't miss out on two insightful sessions, where NET2GRID will be sharing its energy disaggregation expertise alongside other energy leaders on Wednesday, October 25th, 11:15 - Noon CT.

  • Gaining an 'Edge' with an Open Partner Ecosystem

  • Getting more value from AMI and DI Data

For more information about the sessions and to register for the event, please visit:


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